Hi!! My name is Kim and I am a 27 y.o. Capricorn  female from NJ.
I love to read and write poetry, go shopping, walk, work out, go to NYC, go to the movies, a play or a concert, talk, go to the beach, and being around my close friends.
Samantha RIP
Live From London
Tribute to John Taylor
Adopted Graphics
   * Color = blue
   * Jazz Singer = Ella Fitzgerald
   * Season = Fall
   * Cartoon Char. = Diddl
   * Soda = A&W Root Beer
   * Snack = raw cookie dough
   * Duran Duran addict
My family is a close-knit one.  I don't know how I would have made it through my teenage years without my Mom, Grandma & Grandpa (God Bless their souls), Aunt Sharon, Uncle Joe and my cousin, Joe, and his fiance, Mary.  I love you guys!!!
Baby Geisel Nutley, NJ
I love my TRUE friends to pieces.  They're there for me when I need them the most!!  Spending time with Nav in NYC and just having a great time chatting and people watching - Spending many nights at the Barnes & Noble in Clifton, getting Starbucks with Joellen ( I miss those days!!!) - Can't forget hanging with Pat when he finally comes into TEB!!  Oops, almost forgot about hanging with the Woboreenies (Carrie, Laura & Michelle). 

If I forgot anyone, I am sure I did, I love ya's all and life wouldn't never be the same without you!!!  You are my true friends!!!
Uncontrollable Emotions
Growing Up Falling Down
Latest News:.
London was fabulous=o) My photos from my trip can be found here.

I lost my guinea pig, Samantha, on February 25, 2004.  Rest in Peace Sammy - Her page can be found

I got a Jack Russell Terrier on Dec. 9, 2004.  His name is Jingles (born on Oct. 22).  Check back for a photo page of him (coming soon) .....

I also lost my cat, Patches, on October 12, 2005 - a tribute page for him to be up shortly.
Updated: November 9, 2005