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My name is Mohammad Montazeri . I was born on Apr 11,1979 . I began my university studying at Shiraz University on Physics, and graduated on 2002. Now I'm Postgraduate student at IASBS (Institute of Advanced Studies on Basic Sciences, Zanjan, Iran) in Condensed Matter Physics . I like Physics so much, because it gives me a structured look on the Great Creation of Nature, and would try to answer the questions which are in mankind mind but most of people forget it or try to do. I believe in Unit Creation. I believe that it's not important which side of the nature are you trying to understand, because the all are ONE . I like beauties, so I like honesty, and I think Created World is beauty.
I like reading book, walking under rain and mountain climbing. I like classical music and I play se-tar (a Persian musical instrument) myself.
I'll be so happy if, you contact with me and say what you see in World, and what you think. montazeri@iasbs.ac.ir
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