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~*~He stumbled into the world, blind and oblivious to his
surroundings and newly threatened fate. Slowly his panting
calmed, and with a long breath he lifted his heavy head,
dark eyes sparkling with curiosity. Before him sat a woman like
none he had ever seen. Her posture suggested how dangerous
she was, and  just a glance at those powerful arms and creamy
thighs made his knees buckle. Engulfing her was an aura of
mystery and delight, and he realized suddenly just how
vulnerable he felt, although he had little idea why. Her head
was held high with pride, and as he watched a small smile crept
slowly over her lucious lips. "Where am I??" he cried, aware that
even speaking may be a privilege in this overwhelming precense.
The woman laughed sweetly, and with a royal sweeping of her
jeweled hand, she  replied in a husky voice; "Welcome to
Moboshabee, charmed male.... ~*~
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...people almost cut themselves on that nasty sword!