Model Horse Sale!
The following Model Horses are all for Sale. I am selling these models as i no longer collect Grand Champians. I am only selling these models to good homes only.
This Beautiful TB GC is in good condition. He has a few paint scratches on the white parts of his legs, but other then that he is great. He has a beautiful mane and tail and comes with his Rug. He can also move his neck and head and can pick up light metal objects. He would do great at show's. Never shown before. He is $17 including P&H.
This beautiful Mustang Mare is in Mint Condition. She is rather new, and is a great Western Mare. She has a lovely long mane and tail great to do lot's of things with. She comes with her bridle, Western Saddle, Matt and a brush.
This lovely Palomino Family are a great model set. They come with a foal, a stallion and a mare. The foal is in good contition but the mare has permanent markings on it's shoulder (not done by owner) and the stallion has a rubbed paint spot on it's nose. This model would be great for customizing and showing. 8o) They are $25 including P&H
These two wonderful small foals are really beautiful. They come with their own rugs and are in mint condition. They are $7 each, but i would prefer them to go to a home together for $14. plus another $4 P&H.
This Palomino Stallion is in good condition. He is one of my faveourite models i have. He is very pretty. He is for sale for $17 including P&H and he is my faveourite model.
This beautiful palomino mare is in mint condition. She is a beautiful Arabian and would do great at show's. She has a lovely body and figure. She is $15 inc P&H.
This beautiful Gray TB is in great condition. He ?is for sale for $20 including P&H because he comes with his wonderful saddle and bridle and is in Mint condition.