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Ryan Saghir's 3G Eclipse Site. 

Here you will find pictures and information about my Eclipse and things I've done to/with it.
Sit back and enjoy, and please email me if you have any questions or comments!

I'm also the Webmaster for Club 3G - the 3rd Generation Eclipse enthusiasts site (aka NewEclipse.org). Check it out for the latest and greatest in performance modifications available for the 2000+ Eclipse! I keep that site very up to date with any rumors or newly released parts for the 3G Eclipse.

Check out these autocross photos from the 11-12-00 WSCC event in West Nyack, NY.
I walked away with a First Place trophy, beating out everyone in all the Modified Novice classes! What a way to end the season...

This event was the coolest autocross I've ever been to. It was packed with Porsches, BMWs, Vipers, RX-7s, and tons of other beautiful machines.

This is my 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. 
The official color name is "Modern Metallic Blue". According to a Mitsubishi dealer there are under 500 Eclipses of this color made. Apparently, when the Eclipse first went into production, they only had a few colors available (Patriot Red, Kalapana Black, Saronno Red, Sterling Silver, Tampa Blue and White). The Huntington Blue and Monarch Green weren't scheduled to be released until later. At the time that these colors were to be released, the Huntington Blue wasn't ready yet, so they made a run with a very similar color - Modern Metallic Blue. Just as the Modern Blues were run, the Huntington Blue became available and they ran the Huntington instead. The colors are very similar, but the Huntington Blue seems to have a slightly more purple reflection. 

Current mods:

  • Injen "Cold-Air" Intake with K&N filter
  • MG HyperWhite 130/110w headlights (bright as hell!)
    (These headlights are defiantly illegal, but who cares. They have a reactive material around the bulb that makes them glow blue after the lights are turned off for about 5 minutes. Yeah, I know it's a little ricey, but they were free asswipe.)
  • PIAA SuperWhite 55/55w foglights
  • Magnecore KV85 ignition wires
  • APEXi Super AFC
  • 205/55 Bridgestone Potenza S-02 Pole Positions - THESE ROCK!
  • Wavmixer silicon hose kit (red)
  • NGK Copper Racing Plugs - one step colder
  • GT Front Strut Tower Bar
  • Suspension Techniques Rear Swaybar
  • AEM Tru-Power Underdrive Pulley kit
  • AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Cam Timing Gear
  • NOS Nitrous kit - 60hp shot
  • My Euro plate fell off after a slight car accident (friggin' cellphone totin' maniac SUV drivers!). Thinking of getting a new one that says "NewEclipse.org" instead.
  • Cut the fake vents under the headlights

Future mods (in no particular order):

  • Doug's Dynopower 4-cyl Turbokit (ORDERED AND ALMOST FINISHED) - I can't fucking wait for this thing to arrive.
  • Eibach Pro-Kit springs & KYB AGX adjustable shocks (when KYB releases them this fall)
  • 18"x8" O.Z. Superleggera Wheels
  • Remove rear drum brakes (blech) and convert to GT calipers
  • AEM Big Brake Kit for front & rear plus Metal Master brake pads
  • Custom Exhaust


This is a picture of me during an Autocross. Autocrossing (also known as Solo II) is one of the most fun things you can do with your car. My GS doesn't do all that bad, but I'm in desperate need of some suspension modifications (look at that body roll!) and real tires.
Click here to go to the Autocross section of this site.
You can see that by cutting the fake vents under the headlight, the air filter gets a direct blast of fresh air. I haven't noticed a huge increase of power, but does seem to make a slight difference (it might be mental though).

I've had this setup for almost 10k miles, and I haven't had any problems in the rain.

Here is a picture of the Injen "Cold-Air" Intake. I got this Intake rather than the "Short-Ram" version because I have a Sportronic transmission, and I wanted the intake to suck in cooler air rather than warm engine air anyway.
With a little Photoshop work and some spare time at work, I decided to come up with some "concepts" for aftermarket hoods on the 3G. Click the links below to see the three designs I came up with:

Hood 1 - this one is similar to the new Celica and Mustang hoods.
Hood 2 - this design is based on the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV hood.
Hood 3 - this concept is based on the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V-VI hood. A carbon fiber hood similar to this one is under development by a company known as Fiber Images