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Moe Keale 



A Tribute @ 
The Shannon

Whittier, CA
June 14, 2003 

"ALOHA Is..."

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How this site came to be
Click here to listen to the AIMT site's MP3 of Moe singing "ALOHA Is..." in Hawaiian. It will open in a new window; return here while the audio file (big) fully loads in there. Mahalo e AIMT-Hawai`i. 


Moe Keale
(Wilfred Nâlani Keale)

Earth: December 3, 1939  -  Heaven: April 15, 2002


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This is a not-for-profit, educational site.  Its purpose is to honor Moe Keale's life, as well as serve as a repository of information about this Hawaiian man who once graced our good earth. Credits and attributions are cited as best as possible. All errors are inadvertent.  No harm is intended.  Just Aloha, as was Moe's intention. No hűhű.  For correction or clarification, please leave a message at moekeale2020TAKE THIS OUT@yahoo.com.  Remove the TAKE THIS OUT portion of the address before sending.  I no like SPAM. E mahalo e. ~AU

Hawai`i Kű Pono

Stand Proper, Stand Connected


This site has been created  with respect for those who came before us—those whose legacy we live now, and with responsibility for those that will come after—those who will benefit or falter because of the legacy we prepare, according to Hawaiian protocol that recognizes both the responsibility and accountability in proper order:

  • Akua, the Divine Source who bestows blessings and protects;

  • `Aumakua, who provide guidance and enlightenment;

  • Kupuna (those of the grandparent generation), who impart values and are the connection to our`Aumakua and Akua;

  • Makua (those of the parent generation), who manage, coordinate and watch over us; 

  • `Ôpio a me Nâ Keiki (youth and children), who are charged to listen, learn and do.