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If it were not for these beautiful creatures, Elite Equine Acresn would not be alive and well today. Striving to keep the bloodlines of all rare breeds, mainly Saddlebreds, pure and clean, the EEA works everyday to make sure there is no cross-breeding or impure lines within our herd. Established in 2003, this Vermont-based facility has worked at it's hardest to get where it is today. We are always looking to expand our herd, because the more we have, the less chance there is that a horse will be impure!

July 2-3:: Almost finished with the site. Just have to do the horses' pages, and make the facilities page. Not too hard. I'm still on trial but it's nice to know I have a page done and ready for when I can open a mini-barn.=]

Disclaimer-This site has nothing to do with anything in real life. All horses and information are all fake, and it's a part of the horse SIM game Equine Sense. If there are any pictures that are yours and you would like me to get rid of, you can contact me at for visiting!
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