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MOGCHS is located in the heart of the City of Cagayan de Oro, a total area of 7.3629 hectares. Present assessment of such area indicates the land area to extend from the north side of MOGCHS, which is the Pelaez Sports Center, to the Provincial Capitol area which form part of the provincial Government.



The Misamis Oriental High School, now the Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School, was founded through the initiative of the late Don Apolinar Velez y Ramos, the first elected Governor of Misamis province that then composed the present provinces of Misamis Oriental and Misamis Occidental. The school was formally inaugurated on December 15, 1909 with an impressive array of national officials attending the ceremony, headed by American Governor-general William Cameron Forbes.


The early high school courses included the intermediate grades but in 1926, due to an increase in enrolment and lack of school buildings, the intermediate students were separated from the high school administration.


The school had its first graduation in 1922. The first American Principal was Henry Smith, and the last was William Goldrich.


The first Filipino principal was Simeon Vale (1928). On June 1, 1965, Republic Act 4247 converted the MOHS into a national high school to be known as the Misamis Oriental  General Comprehensive High School.


On July 1970, late afternoon classes under the auspices of the provincial Government and continued up to school year 1981-82. However, the Schools Division Superintendent of Misamis Oriental, strongly recommended the conversion of the said school into a Provincial High School, to be supported by the province. It is now known as the Misamis Oriental provincial High school (MOPS), late afternoon classes, occupying the same school site as MOGCHS. In 1990-91, MOPHS was transferred to Balingasag.


The first alumnus Principal was Mr. Francisco C. Galarrita. He was followed by Mrs. Nenita Ilg. Dael, Mr. Pedrito D. Acac, Mrs. Angela M. Paler, and Mr. Maximo L. Natindim, Jr. (2nd alumnus principal. The present Principal, Mr. Pedro H. Montejo, continued pooling resources and made strong representations with outside linkages for infrastructure and other development facilities to maintain the school’s premier standing.


Our founder


A Defender of the Poor


Don Apolinar Velez was born on Jan 23, 1865, in Cagayan, Misamis. He is the son of Blas Velez and Saturnina Ramos.


            He was educated at Fra. R. Zueco’s private school of Attorney Leoncio Roa, and S. Jis de Ortega’s college.


            In 1884, he was a clerk in the office of the court of first instance of Misamis. From 1886 to 1891, he held the positions of oficial de mesa, interpreter, and defensor depresos pobres.


            Previous to that time, he held the post of second lieutenant of infantry of the Spanish army, and was decorated with the Medalla de Mindanao.


            In 1898, he was made chief of the division of justice of the provincial council of the Revolutionary Government two years later, he was promoted to the rank of major of the revolutionary army and chief of the battalion “El Mindanao.”


            From 1901 to 1906, Don Apolinar Velez held the post of provincial secretary after which he was elected governor of Misamis for two terms.


            During the 1928 election, in response to the demands of his sympathizers, he ran for the post of municipal president of Cagayan, and was easily elected. He ran for the position of member of the provincial board last June and was elected to hold office for the next three years.


            Don Apolinar spends his leisure hours playing chess or billiard, or reading books. He plays the piano, like everybody else in the family. He married Leona Chaves y Roa on May 10, 1887, thus joining two of the biggest families in Misamis.


 list of principals

1910 – present


1.      Mr. Blessing                 -           1910-1914                  

1st American Principal

2.      Harry Smith                  -           1914-1916

3.      Everette  Hester            -           1916-1918

4.      Yames Burns                -           1918-1920

5.      Eugene Carlson            -           1920-1922

6.      Clarence Vaughn          -           1922-1923

7.      John Mcmullen -           1923-1924

8.      Jessie Ratcliff                -           1924-1925

9.      Richard Parham            -           1925-1927

10.  William Goldrich           -           1927-1928      

                                                      Last American Principal


11.  Simeon Vale                 -           1928-1932      

                                                      1st Filipino Principal

12.  Maximo Jimenes           -           1932-1938

13.  Tomas Maglaya            -           1938-1941

14.  Federico Ablan Sr.       -           1941-1942

15.  Victoriano Soriano        -           1945-1946      

                                                      Acting Principal

16.  Federico Ablan Sr.       -           1946-1947

17.  Angel Salazar               -           1947-1948

18.  Luz Melendez               -           1948-1969      

                                                      1st Lady Principal

19.  Lina de la Peña -           1969-1970      

                                                      Acting Principal

20.  Francisco C. Galarrita   -           1970-1984      

                                                      1st Alumnus Principal

21.  Nenita Ilg. Dael            -           1984-1992      

22.  Pedrito D. Acac           -           1993-2002      

23.  Angela M. Paler           -           2002- 2003

24.   Maximo L. Natimdim, Jr.-        2003- 2004                 

2nd Alumnus Principal 

25.   Pedro H. Montejo        -           2004 – to date


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