Warp Core Start-up:

The warp core start-up is a standard procedure that should normally be carried out only once per voyage, unless circumstances require a shutdown before space-dock is reached.  The following procedure should be adhered to at all times.

                                                   Deuterium Supply

Port Warp Nacelles  Starboard Warp Nacelles         Matter Reactant
[|||||||||||||||]    [|||||||||||||||||||]             Injector
|                         |                         ||
Plasma Injectors         Plasma Injectors                
\                         \                        ||
EPS ------ Matter/Antimatter
                                     Power taps    Reaction Chamber
|                ||
                              EPS  Power distribution    
                                                Antimatter Reactant

                                                  Antimatter Supply

1) Confirm that all plasma injectors, reaction chamber injectors and magnetic constrictors are online and functional. Perform level 4 diagnostic on warp core control sub-routines and all mechanical components.

2) Check configuration of the Keltrinium Crystal matrix.  Confirm alignment is within 30 - 50 degree angle.

3) De-gauss reaction chamber and matter/anti-matter injection ports

4) Start magnetic pumps to circulate the warp plasma. 

5) Perform level 4 diagnostic to check warp plasma circulation is steady and that there are no pressure waves within the core.

6) Final pre-start diagnostic on anti-matter flow regulators and containment

7) Set matter/anti-matter intermix ratio to 20:1 (20 protons to each anti-proton).

8) Open matter injectors to minimum

9) Open anti-matter injectors

10) Increase flow rates until warp plasma has reached minimum operating temperature. Monitor containment field closely

11) Open EPS taps to divert warp plasma to primary EPS

12) Steadily decrease intermix ratio to 15:1 - again, monitor containment closely

13) Prepare plasma injectors and place in standby.

14) Transfer intermix ratio and fuel injector control to Helm.

Warp Core shutdown:

1) Close anti-matter injection port

2) Close matter injection port 
(Computer safety lockout will not allow matter injection port to close if anti-matter port is still open.)

3) Vent excess plasma to rapidly reduce pressure and temperature - Emergency procedure ONLY.

4) Wait until temperature has fallen below minimum operating temperature; then close the main EPS taps and cease magnetic circulation. Monitor containment fields
(Plasma will continue to circulate for up to an hour under its own momentum and convection currents.)

Impulse Engine start-up:

>- Vectored - Driver - Accelerator <- Impulse - Impulse - Impulse
>- Exhausted   Coil    Generator      Reaction  Reaction  Reaction
>- Director   Assembly       |         Chamber   Chamber   Chamber
  \        |        /
                          power taps     
  \       |       /
                             |              |      |      |

Deuterium Fuel Supply
                      power distribution 
(a.k.a. Matter Supply)

1) Perform level 3 diagnostics on all sub-routines, EPVs (Emergency Plasma Vents) and mechanical components.

2) Begin magnetic circulation of reactor plasma

3) Open Deuterium injectors

4) Once the fusion reaction reaches self-sustaining levels (c. 10'000 Kelvin) open the EPS taps to circulate plasma around the power grid.

5) Once EPS circulation is stable, open plasma accelerator ports to channel plasma to the Drive Coil Assembly

6) Transfer Vectored Exhaust Director control to Helm.

Impulse Engine shutdown:

1) Close Deuterium injectors

2) Close EPS tap

3) Continue magnetic circulation of reactor plasma until temperature falls below 2000 Kelvin

4) Shutdown circulation pumps

5) Once reactor temperature falls to safe levels (after several hours) - vent residual plasma and shut down magnetic containment.  The reactor core can now be accessed safely.

Diagnostic Protocols: