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Pages on the web do not exist in isolation, they are linked to others, and those others are linked to even more. Here are the sites that are kind enough to link back to our site, and unlike those bastards at Looksmart, none of them require a fee.
Yahoo Our biggest traffic source, and the first to list our site
Highly recommended for listing and searching They listed us almost immediately
A small site however
Google Another big traffic site
They even cached a few of our pages, but some searches are a little off kilter
Open Directory Project They listed us very quickly, and are the backbone for many other search engines, including Netscape, AOL, Excite, etc
Skip those middleman sites, start all your searches here Listed us very quickly, and also has nice rating system
A beta site still
Geocities Our home, and the search engine drives a lot of our traffic Had to join (for free), but listing was very easy
Jayne Yoon Jun One of the only people to link her homepage back to this site
Gets a Gold Star for doing so
Japan Studies & Japan Related Programs at Earlham College Don't know why they link us, but we're grateful they do.
Sujin ??? Linked to the KSA page
University of Michigan, Korean Graduate Students Association Likewise, linked to the KSA page
UCLA KSA Linked to the KSA page. Home of this year's Kascon

Sites of Distinction
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