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Night Song Refuge
Wolf Dog Sanctuary
Welcome to Night Song Refuge. Night Song Refuge was Incorporated in the state of North Carolina in 2005 as a non profit organization.  (Federal 501(c)3 is pending.)  Night Song Refuge (NSR) is a rescue and sanctuary for wolf dogs who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or otherwise found themselves homeless by usually no fault of their own. NSR presently has approximately 40 wolfdogs.

NSR was conceived and founded by Andrew and Catherine Beall.  A lifelong dream of Catherine's to develop an organization devoted to helping animals in need came to be after an inheritance.  The Bealls and those who work with them are devoted to providing a place where these misunderstood animals can live out their lives in comfort.  Quality of life for their residents is paramount in their planning.  Permanent enclosures are large with more than adequate shelters.  Enrichment is provided for all residents.  NSR is a nor profit agency run under the watchful eyes of not only Catherine and Andrew but Catherine's son Noah.  Noah like his mom has a love and devotion to animals that marvels none.  Even at the young age of 16 his sixth sense with the animals is nothing short of amazing.  NSR is also blessed with the devotion of many volunteers.

Meet Manito! Manito is an Artic mix wolf dog.  NSR pulled him from a kill shelter in SC.  He was slated to be euthanized unless we took him.  He was picked up as a stray and in compromised health.  He weighed in around 70 pounds at the time.
Here is Manito today.  He weighs around 120 pounds today!  Manito is a little picky about his friends but he is a happy boy.
Saving Their Pawprints on the Earth
Night Song Refuge has worked with several different rescues across the nation.  NSR has animals from all over the country.  NSR was contacted regarding a wolf dog who originated in MN.  She has been abused, neglected, and lived in horrible conditions.  She has spent most of her life in a crate/pen used for training puppies. 

Previously known as Gen Lee, NSR has renamed her Akisni (ah key shnay), meaning recover.  Akisni definitely needs to recover from an early life of mistreatment.  She is not pet quality so her only choice for life is to come to sanctuary such as Night Song Refuge.
Please help us help Akisni! Funds must be raised for transport from WI to NC.  Funds are also required for building of her permanent enclosures.  Transportation costs will be around $800.  Enclosures cost $2500 to 3000.  Due to our rapid growth our start up funds are rapidly depleting.  Akisni needs your help to get to her forever home.
Donations can be mailed to :
Night Song Refuge
377 High Wood Ln
Zirconia NC  28790
Night Song Refuge would like to thank all of those out there who work tirelessly to save animals.  Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.  All donations go directly to the care of the animals.  No salaries are paid...all staff are volunteers.
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