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WE fly with the eagles
and dance in the clouds

WE respect Mother Earth
and all her creatures

WE are strong and we
are Proud

We respect the Old Ones
for the sacrifices they made

WE honor them by how
we lead our lives

WE strive for peace, harmony
and unity

WE walk the Red Path

WE lead our lives by the
10 Commandments of
the Cherokees

WE are the Sun,Moon

WE are the wind that blows
across the plains

WE are the rain that
nourishes Mother Earth

WE are Mother's Protectors

We are the record keepers
of our Customs and Traditions

WE respect and protect our
Elders for they are our teachers

WE protect and teach our
children the Customs and
Traditions of our people, for
they are our Future
Cherokee Black Elk Band
WE Welcome you
Cherokee Ten Commandments
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The music you are listening to is; Buffalo