Dura-Craft Bellingham
Farm House
This is Andrea's 2001 Christmas Present!

  A Bellingham Farm House - the box said "Mansions in Minutes" LOL  A BIGGER lie was never told!  This dollhouse came in a bazillion pieces, and is still (obviously) a work in progress.
In the picture to the right, you can see the electricity tape - interesting process installing it!  Very cool though, and as long as I'm completely accurate in measuring where I put it, we'll be able to wall paper over it (see the kitchen) and then do the light hookups, allowing for "clean" walls.
The house has some really cool features - see the round window in the baby's room, on the second floor, left side?  Check out the bricks at the base!  That was fun to do!!!  I particularly like the eaves in the 3rd floor bedrooms :)

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Laying the shingles - while it wasn't difficult (expect around the eaves LOL) ... be certain that if you shingle a house, that you draw the lines they recommend!
On the picture below, note the 2nd floor outside balcony.  It was supposed to be very different, but we decided that the family would enjoy more outdoor space!
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