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For the Love of Branden
For the Love of Branden
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Yet To Be
I'm not just a miscarriage to Mother,
As in her eyes you'll see;
That she and God already knew,
What I was yet to be.

Just a miscarriage, that's what they said,
Why so many tears? Why so much dread?
But some could see what I'd become,
They knew that God had just begun.
Just a miscarriage I'm claimed to be,
But I'm much more than they can "see".

Read Psalm 139 and you will know
That God had known me long ago.
And now I'm in His precious care,
Awaiting you to meet me there.
Fearfully and wonderfully made I am,
Though not much larger than grains of sand.
My substance yet unperfect, a child as yet to "see",
My members will be fashioned although as yet to be.

Forgive those who don't know me,
And do not seem to care;
I will forever be your child
You know that I was there.
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