Welcome to Sandy's Place 


Alias: "Nana"

A fun place to visit..... Spend some time..... And just look around....

Make yourself at home....You're family.....



I'm MOM to four wonderful children

And they have blessed me with SIX of the World's

Cutest Grandchildren!


Along with visiting family and friends,

I like to create web pages

and play with six of my favorite "little" people.


They call me "Nana"


Chris ~ 8

is our very own computer genius


Ashley ~ 4

loves Barbi dolls and licorce


Joshua and Josia ~ 7 years old - twins

Love all race car games!


Karissa Justine ~ 2

believes the world

Should be populated by Teletubbies!


And Grandbaby #6

Jacob David ~ 5 months

is finding delight in his very first tooth!




This site is dedicated to the various branches of my family

Check-out their news or visit the page of links


Or visit a few of my other creations

* Household * Hints * Tips *

Pat's Homebred Fuzzies

Introducing ~ Jacob David Gray


Let me know when you stop by, and ya'll come back now, Hear... 

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