Mom's Hero

Michael Jason Evans
(AKA: Mike, Mikey, Migalito, Little Mike, MJE, Miketay)
August 7, 1977 ~ May 8, 2003

Michael is survived by his Mom Debby, Stepdad Carl, Brothers Daniel and Patrick, High School buddies Frank and Kevin, Roommates Hoop and Zack, Grandparents Grandma and Papa and His Dad Bruce Evans

Mike passed away at the age of 25 in Long Beach, Ca.where he lived a "good life" with his friends and roommates, Zack and Hoop. He was a 2001 graduate of Cal State Long Beach, he attended University Praise in Fullerton, and was active in Campus Crusade for Christ. Michael grew up in San Mateo village. He attended George Hall Elementary School, Abbot Middle School, and was a 1995 Hillsdale graduate. He attended CSM for 2 years, and worked in the college bookstore while he was there. He was our loved and adored son, and stood TALL in the eyes of his younger brothers, Daniel and Patrick. Michael will be remembered for his God-given ability to see beyond his physical limitations, and live life to its fullest..


August 7, 1977 introduced me to my HERO. Michael came into this world on a Sunday morning at 5:52 AM at 7lbs 4oz and 17 inches long. WIDE AWAKE and looking as if he had a "mission". Just after the delivery, the doctor (who had the bedside manner of a Gestapo Nazi), blurted out, "THERE is something WRONG with this child." I tried to see... I was afraid, started to panic as he was sewing me up, and instead of showing some compassion, he treated me as if I had personally done this to "ruin" his day, and immediately told the nurse to "shut her up", and they covered my mouth with anesthesia. I was OUT.

When I awoke, it was true! My first born child had a rare form of Dwarfism. He had club feet, small lungs, he wouldn't suck and had to be gavage fed. I was devastated and depressed, and was not prepared on HOW to raise such a child as this. I also grieved the "normal" child I thought I was going to have. I was 23 years old.

I was not a religious person. As a teenager, I dabbled in witchcraft, the occult, astrology, numerology. At times I identified with agnosticism. Sometimes out of pure rebellion, I identified as an Atheist. However, at Michael's birth, I felt a DIVINE presence. It was the God of the Universe, and HE was punishing me for all the "wrongs" I had done in my life...

Well meaning people would tell me about the sins of the fathers.....and the previous generations..How tough it would be to raise up a child like hard it would be for him in school, etc. I grew more and more in love with this little guy. Michael was the apple of my eye, the light of my life!!

Years past, and I tried to be the BEST MOM for Michael. I wanted to raise him as normal as possible. We joined Little People of America...So I got a lot of support. He had 2 younger brothers, who he loved and he was very proud of being the BIG "little" Brother! Danny and Patrick were average size. We had a storybook family, there for awhile. Lived in a nice home, nice family oriented neighborhood, a nice school. Michael had friends, did well in school, and was not made fun of, like I was first kids can be so cruel.. NOT to Michael! It's like they knew he was special. For starters, Michael had WIT and sense of humor like no other. He could write...loved sports, especially stats, and his favorite teams were the San Francisco 49ers, Giants, Golden State Warriors, and San Jose Sharks. He adored Joe Montana and Will Clark when he was on the Giants team..

When Michael was 8 yrs old, he and his 5 yr old brother, Danny, were invited to a 5 day club by Danny's kindergarten teacher. I really did not like this..being "non-religious"..but soon gave in, mainly because this teacher was going to pick them up and bring them home, AND it meant some quiet time for me in the afternoon while my baby Patrick took his nap...

When the boys came home that first day, they ran to tell me all about it, they were so excited! Michael especially! He had TEARS in his eyes. He explained to me that he had "asked Jesus into his heart". I had never heard of such a thing. He had met his Savior and wanted me to know. He then asked me, with tears rolling down his chubby cheeks, "mommy, do you have Jesus in your heart?"

Three months later, I asked Jesus into my heart. You see, Michael and his brother went on to attend a weekly bible group called the GOOD NEWS CLUB by Child Evangelism Fellowship, where they had everyone there praying for my salvation. It donned on me, quite profoundly, God used the very child I thought I was being punished with, to bring me to Him. Michael was indeed a blessing to me, my life and was my angel!

Our family went on from there, believing in God, and living a God centered life, full of church activities and mission trips to Mexico and bible studies. A very RICH life we all shared. Unfortunately, DIVORCE became a reality in our family. Life was hard for a few years, as I struggled being a single Mom, raising 3 sons. I went through some depression, money problems, but managed to send Michael to college. It was our dream. And in 2001, our dream came true. Michael graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a political Science major.

During this time, Michael was having some orthopedic problems. His hips and knees were hurting, and he was living on SSI...and continued to JERK him around...they would deny him..then reestablish his benefits. He was having so many challenges with trying to get a driver's license and drive, afford a car, find a job, pay off school loans, concerned about his Dad's where-abouts, and no doubt was concerned about my depression. He had some bouts of recurring kidney stones and was starting to have some chest pains. He had told me about it, I told him to get checked out immediately!

On March 27, 2002, Michael wrote in his journal:
Still having some of the same discomfort or tightness in my chest, left hand and arm feel weird. I don't want to overreact, but scared at doing nothing.

3-28-03-Went to ER with Ben. Nothing was wrong with my heart. Didn't know what was up. BIG relief though! STILL feel the chest discomfort and pressure. It is heartburn. Still annoying though! Need to do something nice for Ben for giving me support at the ER. I just thank God and Praise Him that my heart was not the problem, and that through this I will be able to get in to see a Doctor to get checked out, friends like Ben and Your Grace and forgiveness.

5-7-03-Went to Kevin's house to watch the Laker's lose. I am thankful and praise God for my Salvation and for my friends and family. I request prayers for my friends and family, accountability partner, to look and find a job, filling out applications, my health, and for a Good Nite's sleep which I really need..

Forgive me God for my bitterness and anger..

That was his last journal entry..
On the morning of May 8, he apparently woke up and felt dizzy. He told his roommate, and said he was going to take a bath, which he did quite often because of his joint aches and pains. When his roommate came home, later that afternoon, he found Michael floating face down in the bathtub, dead..

The City of Long Beach Autopsy revealed that Mike died of:
1. Fresh Water Drowning
2. Probable CARDIAC Event in the bathtub



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