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Hi We are Navy Moms. Here we can give a little
information about ourselves and our Sailors.
Post a couple of pictures or
link to Navy related pages.
If you have a son or daughter in the navy
you may join us by

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Navy Moms signed up on 05/31/99, Memorial Day, to start putting kids and moms together.
Welcome to Navy Moms and their Sailors
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Message From: Karen C. momsnavy@
My name is Karen C.: Our son, Kirk (Indy) was stationed in Japan on the Belleauwood.
In Japan and on his ship he is known as Indy as in Indiana Jones

He was overseas for three years, 4 months and 10 days before he came home.
Kirk (indy) is now on inactive reserves and will be attending college in the United States.
Our family is very glad he is home now.
Our son is a great person, we are very proud of him and Love him very much.

Karen C.

Message From: Janice jannah7@
My name is Janice and I am a very proud Navy mom of Zach, who is 22 yrs old.
Zach is our pride and joy.

I look at him and I know we must have done something right in raising him.
He is a Corpsman now and is wanting to pursue a career in medicine--most likely with the Navy.
God Bless the USA and the Military. Go Navy!


Message From: Sheila sheila_f_98@
My name is Sheila, my son Matt was stationed at Ft. Myer, Va.
He was serving at least two years of a 6 year enlistment in the Pentagon

On September 11, 2001 Matt was at work when one of four
hijacked planes hit his building one floor above his.
We are very proud of our son and miss him deeply.
In Loving Memory

Message From: Cathy
Hi! My name is Cathy, and my son Brian is stationed in Bremerton, Washington.

He is currently on the USS Henry M. Jackson.
He has been in the Navy for two years.
He went to bootcamp the day after high school graduation.
We all miss him terribly, and we're so proud we could pop!!


Message From: Dani DanisNavy@
My daughter [Danielle] is with a P-3 Air Squadron ,[not on a ship]!
P-3's are "subhunters" and "recon" planes.
They are equipped with bombs also.
She's stationed in Brunswick, Maine..NAS Brunswick.
Her and her hubby, Tim.


Message from Moms Heart
Melissa,... She is a mother, She is a Wife, She is a Sailor.

She is a mentor for all the Mothers.
She, many times, has the answers to our questions.
She can also steer us in the direction that we can find the answers.
She has been there and is doing it.
She has been a great friend to the group.
Her husband Ed, is also in the navy.
Her son Cody, is not.(yet ;-))

THANK YOU MELISSA from all your moms (lol)

Message From: Cindy cgssr@ (Grant)
Hello. My name is Cindy. My husband Grant and I are the proud parents of Sam.

He is 19, and is to be stationed at Whidbey Island NAS, assigned to an air squadron.
Sam is just starting his career in the Navy.
He graduated from Great Lakes in June.
Our whole family including his sisters StacieAnna and Rachael, are very proud of him.


Message From: Roseann RCoonPets@
My daughter has been in the Navy 18 yrs.
She will be going to Sicily in Jan. to finish her 20th

Message From: Debbie Dolittle58@
My name is Debbie and this is our son James,
he is the third generation in our family to serve in the US Navy.

His Grandfather retired from the navy, his Dad is active now.
We are so proud of his decision to join the Navy.
Currently he is in A school in Pensacola.
James will be an Aviation Structural Mechanic.
We are hoping to be stationed near to each other soon.

Message From: Claudia Craftemama@

We are very proud parents of Dennis.
Dennis died of Melanoma February 28, 2003

Dennis DJ, as we called him has now joined Matt as a Guardian Angel for Sailors and Navymoms and their families.
We are also Proud of our Daughter-in-law Glenda.

Glenda is currently stationed Whidbey Island Washington.
Dennis and Glenda were married April 2000
Claudia and Sister Holly SailorGlenda


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