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Welcome to Monadnock_View, a blog created to share my thoughts and experiences as a former city girl who has found love and happiness in the presence of Grand Monadnock in Southwestern New Hampshire!

7/2/04 prt II

Emily Provost, Where are You?

My brother just sent me this link, which sent me into a spiral of giggles. Emily, if you are out there, you should have kept on.  You are a friend.


Last night we experienced the most amazing thunderstorm I have heard in a long time.  The thunder was so very constant, and rolled so beautifully through the surrounding hills.  With the rain it reminded me of the Doors song "Riders on the Storm."  Why do we without fail talk about the weather when everything else is too much?

So my 12 year old son has a way better social life than me.  He's just been whisked away by his friend's family to go to the movies, out to eat- yesterday it was mini-golf and swimming.  I want to try and pass as 12 and go along for the ride too!  But alas, yesterday I came to the cruel realization that not only am I no longer cool in his eyes, he barely has the time of day for me.  If I call his name, I get a frustrated, "What?"  back, like I have interrupted his most important research work. Sad.  I remember we used to play on people because I look younger than I am, and was pretty young when I had him, people would dare to ask if I was his sister, but really knowing in their hearts I was his mom. 


This is my first attempt at creating a web page- thus the plainjane appearance.  I'm finding it a little difficult to get Yahoo's Geocities Page Builder to work compatibly with my Mac.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  In trying to make some of the technical things work here, I feel like I'm trying to have a conversation in French but I only know a few words.  Me Talk Pretty One Day.  I am a lover of David Sedaris. Digressions... so I moved to New Hampshire after living in Boston for 10+years.  Its been an interesting experience so far.  Circumstances have taken me in the past couple of months to not only be in a wee bit of culture shock, though I do absolutely love this area, but to also be housebound- with no job and no car.  I am an accidental housewife!  Never thought it in a million years.  It has its ups and downs- my own home has never been so CLEAN!  But my god it can get lonely.  Its just me, the dog, and the mountain all day long.  Which is why I called this site Monadnock View- its always there in sight, and I understand now why many of the Transcendentalists found such inspiration in Monadnock.   I find I have time for the first time in my life to pursue creative things, and I'm feeling a little paralyzed.  Its scary. So I'm taking the first step by blabbing on the internet, life from my view. Suggestions, thoughts?  Contact me! Its quiet up here and the dog can't talk back to me (yet...)  :)

P.S. In previewing this rant on the webpage, I noticed and was laughing at how desperate for contact I must appear to be, what with the e-mail address, messenger notification AND Guest Book icons all piled next to each other to the left. I'm really not that pathetic! But for laughs, I'm going to leave them all there now.
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I'm 32 and a scorpio meow

I gots a smartypants son age of twelve

The name of my ABC afterschool special would be "I Was a Teenage Punk Rock Mom" and now I garden and cook

I'm still weirded out that I now live somewhere that people just can own horses and cows and keep them, like, at their own house (okay, farm, but still.  I'm just sayin.).

I'm convinced this may be the town Footloose was modeled after.  But I'm loving it.  Coming from Boston- which really is quite Puritanical, though Bostonians don't like to admit it.

I love books but I've lost my newly acquired glasses in the yard and me eyes gets tired.

I don't love George W. Bush

I am happy being loved and loving