Monaghan Clan

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We now have much greater access to Monaghan/Monahan ancestral information straight from the sources. A full year's subscription to the Monaghan Clan is only $25.00 and provides access to all of the Clan's resources. Once you register as a member, your username and password will be emailed to you. To join, please click on the 'PayPal Subscribe' button, below, to join the Clan (if you have any problems with this just email me at and I'll assist you):

Important Notice: We are the only OFFICIAL Monaghan Clan formally registered with the Clan Registry in Ireland.

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Welcome, Monaghans! We've spent fifteen years gathering information that would benefit all Monaghan descendants, It takes a lot of time, research, work and effort to keep this site up-to-date and compile, update and format the database and resources. I'm constantly searching for additional resources for the Clan. Your membership assures that you will have the best resources for the history of the Monaghan/Monahan surname. Please be sure to keep your contact information current. Send me an email when you change your email address so that I may update the database. This is crucial ~ No one wants to miss connecting with a potential relative because their email address is invalid. Membership in the Monaghan Clan allows you to browse the Clan's Online Research Databases (four webpages of Monaghan ancestries to date) and access the many resources listed below. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the resources you'll have access to as a member of the Monaghan Clan:

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Monaghan Clan Online Research Database
Page One
Monaghan Clan Online Research Database
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Monaghan Clan Online Research Database
Page Three
Monaghan Births in the Parish of Dromore
Passenger List
ship 'Clare'
Donegal to New York
June 6, 1849
1800's Song About the Monaghans
Catholic Parish Register
Monaghan Births
Pettigo, Donegal
History of the Monaghan Name in Fermanagh
History of the Monaghan Name
The Annals of the Four Masters - References to Chieftain O'Manachain
Monaghan Birth Registry for Omagh
Monaghan Passenger Arrivals 1846-1851
Ships' Manifests With Monaghan Passengers 1846-1851
The Monaghan Clan Newsletter