My name is Shaber Wimberly.

I’ m a black male and 25 years old. I'm 5’ 11" tall, 185 pounds, brown eyes with a brown complexion. I'm into all different types of things. I love all types of music; Rap, Hip-hop, R&B, oldies; as well as some Rock, Jazz, and more. I like to write long letters, poems ( of all kinds ), short stories, read and to learn about history. I'm into cars, wildlife, outdoors, movies, and art. As well as sports such as football, basketball, tennis and others. I also like to workout to stay physically fit and in good shape.

I have a number of tattoos on my body. I have a very open mind about all things, and I'm not the type to judge. I like to stay up on current events and learn about other countries. I'm a very good listener for either personal problems or thoughts of the mind. I really haven't had the opportunity to meet new people and I' m hoping that my situation doesn't affect your decision to respond, because boundaries are only set for the physical part of the body and not for the thoughts of the mind. The cover of a book only tells so much about the inside, but once opened and you have got to know more about it, Its much better than thought.

I would like to correspond with anyone from the age of 18 or older, and how older or what race doesn't matter, as I hope that my age or race doesn’t matter either.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Shaber Wimberly Z-642
Holman 3700, 5-U-2
Atmore, Alabama 36503

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