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Prince Charles in Melbourne - photo by the Monarchist Alliance
The Australian Monarchist Alliance welcomes Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Charles the Prince of Wales Crown Prince of Australia, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. (See itineraries)
To celebrate these royal visits, and to commemorate the 41st anniversary of the accession of HM King Constantine II of Greece to the throne, the Monarchist Alliance will hold a cocktail party on 11th March 2005.


Welcome to the Monarchist Alliance web page.

The Monarchist Alliance was recently founded in Melbourne, Australia, with the objective of upholding the principle of monarchy both in Australia and elsewhere around the world.

In Australia, the republicans propagate the myth that support for the monarchy is the preserve of 'WASPs', the wealthy and the aged. This attitude is contradicted by opinion poll data and the results of the 1999 'republic referendum'. Polls consistently show that the strongest support for the monarchy comes not only from the oldest age bracket but also from the youngest. In addition, during the referendum the strongest opposition to a republic in metropolitan areas came from working class areas with high proportions of ethnic voters. In other words, support for the monarchy comes from diverse quarters, including those who have fled from countries in which the overthrow of traditional forms of government led to terrible consequences.

By bringing together individuals and groups who are working on, or have worked on, movements to uphold or restore monarchies, the Monarchist Alliance seeks to help monarchists from all walks of life to work together to defend their beliefs.

In the interests of furthering cooperation between different sections of the monarchist community here and abroad, Monarchist Alliance organised a Conference in Melbourne in August 2004.

Australian Monarchist Alliance will actively campaign on monarchical issues. We have started a Yahoo! Group for the purpose of rapidly mobilising lobbyists in response to current events.

NEWS: Harold Schmautz spoke at a Monarchist Alliance afternoon tea in Melbourne recently. The text of his talk is now available, along with photographs of the event.

Please see our itineraries of the royal visits of HRH Prince Charles, HRH Prince Frederik and HRH Princess Mary of Denmark and HRH Princess Victoria of Sweden.
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The Australian Monarchist Alliance is an informal self-help support group for monarchists and monarchist organisations.

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