The Monarchist League of New Zealand

The Monarchist League of New Zealand, Inc.

Founded 16th November 1995, incorporated 11th April 1996

for the support of the constitutional monarchy in New Zealand, for the encouragement of an appreciation of our royal heritage, and of the role of royalty in the realm

Chairman - Professor Noel Cox, LLM(Hons) MTheol(Hons) PhD Auckland MA Lambeth LTh Lampeter GradDipTertTchg AUT FRHistS


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The Queen's Golden Jubilee Coin

New Zealand's Monarchy - the nature of the Crown in the kingdom

Royal Biographies of princes and princesses

The Monarchy and the Armed Forces in the dominion and realm

The Crown remains important for Maori - the continuing relevance of the Crown-Maori relationship

Why New Zealand must NOT become a republic - some arguments in support of our constitutional monarchy

Monarchy or Republic? - a fact sheet on why having a king or queen is good for a country

Why it is our choice - as to whether we become a republic or not



The Royal Arms of the Queen of New Zealand


Please feel free to contact: The Secretary, The Monarchist League of New Zealand, 216 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland 1050, New Zealand or email the Chairman. Comments about this webpage are also invited.