Mon Cherie Rattery Babies
Our goal, as is many a reputable breeder, is to produce a fancy pet rat that is superior in health, temperment and personality!

Well, we ensure that you'll find all that and
more at Mon Cherie Rattery.  We devote a lot of  love and time to these special creatures, since birth until they leave our home and go to their forever homes.  We carefully screen all potential owners.

We prefer to have a 'waiting list' and will only breed selected pets so that we can provide homes for all that are born. 

If you decide to place an order for a single or pair or multiple rat(s) than a minimal fee should be deposited. This will ensure your selection when the time comes to have your pick of the litter.

The care of these baby rats starts with high-quality diet for mother, extra affection and the best living arrangement for her to have her babies brought into our world.

They are all handled from the first day, whispered advice on the "do's and dont's" of life and become photographed nearly daily!

The home we provide is a clean and stimulating environment. Chew toys, climbing toys and  running wheels are part of the fun to be had as the babies grow and learn about their playmates. After a fun day they are sure to retire to hammocks for sleep.

Time and dedication to their cages is the basic in their care. The real fun is playtime on the big table, covered by a sheet to avoid any falls.  Much deserved petting, scritches and kisses are given for at least an hour a day. The joy of having pet rats is shared by both young children and adults in our home.

We rotate between boy time, and girl time, and even solo time for those who need one-on-one time. 

At Mon Cherie Rattery, you'll find the pet rat of your dreams who will bring you much enjoyment and companionship.

us to reserve your pick of the litter today.
You are the
All of MCR Loulou's babies have found their homes...
you can still
see them here.

Our photo album  so you can see some more pictures of our great rats.

All our rats are loved by young children making them very friendly!
Our rats are given top of the line care from day one.

We're proud to say that we have never had any health problems or complications with our rats.

Please inform yourself about SDA and other complications rats can suffer.