Speedys' JavaScript Demos
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Speedy's JavaScript Demos

Geocities have altered their server that prohibits loading pics from dynamic pages. If you see a broken pic when trying one of the wizards, there's nothing wrong with the JavaScript. Save the JavaScript to your hard drive and it should work properly.

IP Address & others
Checks your IP, OS, and browser and related links. The links I put in the script are inaccurate, so you just put your own links when you edit the file

IP Address
Submit your IP address by mailto form. Version 1, version 2

View Family Photos
View pics in another frame via a pulldown menu

Get the listening URL from www.oneplace.com to paste in real player or browser

Days between
Compute the days between certain dates

Nutrition Quiz
Counts your score from a list of questions

Protect your email
Protect your email from being grabbed by spammers.

Cook Recipe Wizard
Write your recipes in HTML and have it written to your hard drive.

Write to your hard drive
This only works for Netscape 4.x and you need Java enabled

Text to one line
Enter a block of text then convert it to one line

Multiple search and replace
Do your search and replace only once

Check OS, browser, vendor, etc
The ultimate browser sniffer developed by Netscape

Program rating
Enter a program title and it will check if this program is has either a [G], [PGR], or [AO] rating

Photo Gallery Wizard
Creates a main page with thumbnails which would link to a pop up window with a larger version

Default homepage
For IE5 users, clicking the link will make www.junerin.net your default homepage. For other browsers, the link will take you to a page that tells you how to do it

Points Table
A wizard that creates a points table for your sport

Pull Down Menu
Compares the two values of the two pulldowns and goes to a URL based on the combination

Top 10 Chart
A wizard for listing the top 10 in the chart.

Match Phrase
Enter a phrase of sentece to be analyzed and attempt to find a match from the array

Check OS and browser
First checks OS, then checks browser, then does what it's supposed to do.

Random background music
There are four versions depending on complexity

Photo gallery pop up window
Dynamically creates the html file for the pop window.

Open frames
Opens 2 files to create a frames. This file was submitted to javascripts.com on 7/16/00.

Format HD Joke
Tell you that your hard drive is being formatted but it really isn't.

TV Guide Wizard
Fill the boxes and have a tv guide whose HTML is done dynamically. Result is laid out nicely on table and puts programme titles in title case.

Falling snowflakes
Courtesy of Altan. Click on a flake and get a secret info.

Choose a broadcast date
Listening to Real Player files by date.

Multiple search engines
Select from a pulldown your engine, type your search words then press enter or click go button.

Sound on mouseOver
Put your mouse on the link and hear the sound.

Random Number
Generates a random number from 0 to whatever value you put and outputs to an alert box.

Shake It
Shakes your browser. Courtesy of JavaScript Source

Navigation menus
Different versions

Random bible verses
Chooses from 67 verses. One from each bible plus an extra one.

Very good for photo albums. Courtesy of Tomb Raider II.

Year 200 countdown
This uses pics for the numbers instead of text. This script is courtesy of ZDNet
Or this version which uses text in an input type box. Courtesy of Maxim V. Kollegov

User Info
You type your name and I get emailed your info and plugins. Plugin detection only works for Netscape

NZ Time
View NZ time anywhere in the world. Takes into account the error of Netscape 4 in converting to GMT. Away with scripts which get time from the server. Or you might want a ticking version.

International Time
Different versions of viewing time anywhere from a selected number of countries. I think I did this the hard way.

Random Banner
This script chooses among the four images and it includes their links.

Fader Ticker
A cool ticker that fades in. Authored by webreference.com

This greets you when you have submitted your name and I get emailed your plugins(Netscape users).

Rotating Links
An exciting set of links rotating around a bigger text. Authored by webreference.com

Browser Crash
This will crash Netscape2,3,4 and IE3,4 without fail, but NT is stable. It once crashed someone's laptop, so save everything first. The page contains an infinite loop in JavaScript and opens another window infinitely, and that other window contains an infinite loop in Java. So beware!. Save files

This has a clock at the status bar. If your system time is Between 23:00 and 03:00, a window will pop up wit the message. 'Don't stay up too late'.

Web Wizard,
Make a simple web page with background music.

Frame Properties
This contains 21 frames. Putting your mouse over the links give the details of that frame.

Moving eyes
A pair of eyes follow your mouse. Courtesy of Virtual Max

Time stamp
Puts the date and time since the you last edited the file

copyright © 1997-01 to Speedys
May be used freely for personal and commercial if comments remain intact. Chaow