The Mon Forum Montly Issue.

Issue No.6/2003                        June 30,2003




(1) High education tax during the school opening days,

(2) Focible guarding to gas-pipeline between Thanbyuzayat and Ye Towns,

Special Report:

forced labour in Southern Burma (Myanmar)


              (1)SPDC’s Political Oppression and Plan to Grip in Power

Dear Readers,
Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM) was founded in 1995, by a group of young Mon people. The main objectives of HURFOM are:

- To monitor human rights situations in Mon territory and other areas souther part of Burma,
- To protect and promote internationally recognized human rights in Burma,

In order to implement these objectives, HURFOM has produced “The Mon Forum” newsletters monthly and sometimes it has been delayed because we wait to confirm some information. We apologize for the delay.

However, we also invite your feedbacks on the information we described in each newsletter and if you know anyone who would like to receive the newsletter, please send name and address to our address or fax number or e-mail to us.

With regards,
Human Rights Foundation of Monland