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The Weekend Woodworker : 101 Easy-To-Build Projects
A wide variety of projects for the woodworker who loves to build, but doesn't have the time. Includes step-by-step directions for more than 100 toys, kitchen gadgets, tools, furniture, and more. 500 illustrations and exploded drawings
Our Price: $14.35
Band Saw Handbook
This book contains more than you ever thought possible to know about bandsaws. Easy to read,it tells everything you need to know to become a bandsaw expert. Buy the book before you buy a bandsaw.
Our Price: $16.15
Building Cabinet Doors & Drawers
Here is a virtual encyclopedia of cabinet door and drawer styles and instruction for designing, constructing, and installing them. Slab, MDF, simulated and true raised panel, frame and panel, arched frame and panel, mitered panel, cope and stick, glass, and tambour: all of these types of cabinet doors-and the drawers to match-are illustrated and explained with step-by-step construction notes and measurements. In addition, all of the common methods of joinery, such as dowels, biscuits, splines, miters, dadoes, tongue and groove, and mortise and tenons are explained and illustrated.
Our Price: $17.56
Cabinetry Basics (Basics Series)
A reader from in Missouri I thought that this book gave a great view of the basics. Although I make my living selling lumber, I knew nothing about making cabinets. I was very pleased with the book and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to dowel, cut a straight line with a power saw, etc..
Our Price: $10.75
Stanley 33-272 Contractor Grade Heavy Duty Powerlock Tape Rule with Metal Case
For decimal measuring in automotive, aircraft, electronic, paperboard, and box manufacturing industries. Also has fraction graduations for users who follow the traditional unit of measuring. First 6" of blade graduated in 32nds on upper edge and 50ths ofinch on lower edge. Balance of blade graduated in 16ths on upper edge and 10ths of inch on lower edge.
Our Price: $10.39
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