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Gluing Tips

Woods Containing Oils And High Tannic Acid
Use acitone to clean the joints on woods with oils or high tannic acid this will assure good adhesion to all your joints
The Glue Stain Effect
After gluing the joints on your project be sure to wipe the glue that comes out of the joint with a damp cloth or paint thinner wipe it till you can't see any sign of the glue, not doing this can lead to gluestains after finishing your project.
Storing your Wood
when you use different wood species in a project store the wood you plan to use in a dry warm place,This will keep the moisture content low and even on all pieces you plan use for your project.
The scrap pile Section of the Benchtop Woodworker, is the part of the website where Woodworkers can find tips and ideas, for there general woodworking questions. visitors of this website are also encouraged to send in there own tips and ideas. So if you have one and want to share it with others then feel free to send it in. and if you want to post a direct question in the forum go right ahead. The forum hasen't recieved much action as of yet so start posting and have fun.
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Keep it Sharp
To get perfect and nice clean cuts keep all your cutting blades sharp, a dull blade can lead to wood tear out while cutting. There are many hardware stores that offer sharpening services, and most offer exchange programs from router bits to sawblades.
Better Butt Joints

The butting members of a Joint should be smooth. the very smoothness of Mating the pieces increases the resistance to pull Apart.

Never overload a Joint with glue, Apply the glue to both surfaces, then spread it thin with a clean stick, dowel or brush. a lot of glue will not make the joint stronger, it can make the joint weaker. to much glue also ensures considerable glue squeeze-out.

If you decide to use Nails on your Project, nail the ends at a Angle And the center strait ( Example)_\___|___/_

Screws give better holding Power than Nails, with glue it gets even stonger, Countersink the screw holes so the screws will be flush with the surface of the wood use Wax on theThreads of the screw so the screw will go in with ease.

For Strengtining a butt joint even more use a corner brace or corner block.

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