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Monica Adams

Hi thanx for looking at my page. I am a 22 and live in Brisbane but don't tend to spend much time there as my job involves being away travelling up and down the East Coast. I work on a tour bus looking after the tourists so get to spend four five days most weeks away.
Unfortunately being away from my home doesn't enable me to have much off a social life, when I get home after seeing my family and friends, bit of house work and shopping I am getting ready to go away again.
What I am looking for from this are some fun interesting adults who live on the East coast mainly North of Brisbane as that is where I normally travel but not always. We would spend the evening and if all goes well the night together when the tour stops over
I am an open minded person and get on well with all types of people so am happy to hear from anyone.
I have put some picture of me on here to and gone into more adult interests on the next page. I am sorry that I have not shown my face on here but am a bit worried about someone i know seeing this but I can send face pictures when I reply but would expect the same from you. You will need a CyberAge ID number to see the next page and be able to contact me if you don't already have one then please get one from below.


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