on the inter web
the sounds of sightings what we like talk
we like lots of things, we like:
sad music                           joyful music
happy music                       mournfull music
interesting films                  clever films
silly films                             hillarious films
the cavern club                  rockbeast
the exeter pop underground
actually we like lots more things than just films and music: jamie is a big fan of pretty much everything going; he writes for the exeter college student paper "double zero" which he assures me is going to "hit the press" by the end of the year so i suppose he likes writing, also i think he likes skateboarding, also he has in the past said that we sound like rammstein (disclaimer: i'm almost certain we sound nothing like rammstein but next time i hear them i shall check). kyle has an on-off love affair with internet starcraft so i suppose he could be said to like stratergy based computer games, he is also a big fan of coffee, a very big fan.  hyde likes photography, he's very good at it as well- he has some photos up on alternative devon under the name randolph which are pretty great really, he also likes buying cheap 3-in-1 dvds from poundland and watching them with his chums, he works in a cheese shop and can tell you all about some cheeses and their prices. i think we all like lots of little things and thats nice isn't it?