I, Monis Iqbal, born on 18th July 1983 in Karachi. My name was elected to be Monis by my father. I flew to Oman where I lived till 1994, where I studied in Pakistan College Muscat to obtain my primary education. I visited Pakistan once a year.
                 When I came to Pakistan, I took admission in St. Judes High School where I completed my secondary education. I obtained 83% in my matriculation examinations.
       After my secondary education I took admission in Defense Authority Degree College For Men, where I completed my inter studies. I obtained 78% over there.
        Then came the aptitude tests. I passed the test of FAST (Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology) now named NUCES (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences) and took admission there. Life at FAST changed and I became a computer lover (I hated computer and Sindhi previously in my school life).In my first semester I achieved 3.2 gpa.(grade point average) and now am waiting for my second semesters result. Pray for my results.