And so...THE SEEKERS continues....

Still written by: Mrs. Emily Moon and Mrs. Heather Entwistle

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Heather shows off her wedding ring.

~*~Part Forty~*~ (Oh boy...)

I watched myself move about in the mirror, my dress softly moving as I turned. I actually thought I looked beautiful. I've never been able to say that before until eyes suddenly filled with tears as I remembered my mom and dad. If only they could be here to see me... I thought as I started sobbing.

Emily rushed over by my side. "Heather!! What's wrong?? You're not having second thoughts about marrying John are you?" she asked frantically.

I looked at her. "Oh no...*sniff* It's not that at all. I just wish my parents could be here to see me...that's all..*sniff*"

Emily gave me a sad smile. "I know what you mean. I wish my parents could be here too. This is probably the biggest day of our lives. But maybe, somehow, we can send them pictures. We'll figure something out..." Emily reassured me. "Now here, dry your eyes...oh look--your mascara is running! Silly girl! You didn't wear waterproof? After all this is a wedding! There won't be a dry eye in the house!" Emily said with a laugh.

I smiled at her as I dabbed my eyes dry. I was so lucky to have such a good friend like her.

"Here. Try this. It's guaranteed waterproof!" Emily explained as she handed me a tube of mascara.

We put on the finishing touches of our ensemble. I sighed as I gazed at myself in the mirror. It's perfect... I thought with a smile.

Emily came waltzing up next to me and jokingly pushed me out of the way so she could have the mirror. "C'mon, move! I 'ave to put more Dippidy-Doo in me 'air!!" she immitated Roger perfectly. I laughed as she turned back around to face me. She looked like a princess in a fairy tale.

"Well...what do you think? How do I look?" she asked as she turned around in a circle for me to see all angles.

"Dreamy! Like a princess in a fairy tale about to marry her prince!" I sighed.

Emily grinned. "Oh, thank you! If I'm a princess...then you look like a queen!"

I laughed. "How about we call it even and be maids?"

We both laughed until Katie came into the dressing room.

"What's so funny..hmm?" she asked with a smile. "Are you ready to get married??" Then she gasped. "*GAAASSPP* You two look gorgeous!!!"

"Why, thank you! You don't look too bad yourself, sis!" Emily laughed.

"Yeah Katie...that dress really looks pretty on you!" I commented.

"Awww...thank you...GROUP HUG!!!" Katie shouted as we all huddled in a group and gave each other hugs.

We laughed again and then regained composure. "Well guys...this is're gettin' married!" Katie "reminded" us as she led the way out of the dressing room.

I squeezed Emily's hand for good luck. Oh I hope I don't screw anything up. Emily must have read my mind because she said, "Don't worry. It's going to be fine. You won't screw up!"

I smiled. Then, "Here Comes the Bride" started to play on the organ.

Katie walked first up to the alter and stood by Roger, Pete, and Sally.

Then, side by side, Emily and I slowly made our way up to the alter, grinning at Keith and John the whole time who looked like they were about to faint.

I glanced over at the organ player and noticed it was *DONOVAN.* Emily smiled at this as she stepped up next to Keith. I stepped up and stood next to John who smiled at me intently.

"You look absolutely beautiful," he whispered as I whispered back,

"You look like Prince Charming!" to which he smiled broadly.

"You may all take your seats," the Pastor instructed to the congregation. "Are you all ready?" he asked with a smile.

We all nodded eagerly.

"Alright then. John you may take Heather's hands and repeat after me."

John did as he was told.

"John, do you promise to love, honor, and cherish Heather Lyndsay, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, as long as you both shall live?" the Pastor asked John.

Never removing his eyes from mine he solemly stated, "Yes, I do."

Then the Pastor turned to Keith and Emily.

"Keith you may take Emily's hands and repeat after me."

Keith did so.

"Keith, do you promise to love, honor, and cherish Emily Anne, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, as long as you both shall live?" the Pastor asked Keith.

Keith smiled at Emily who, through her tears, smiled back. "Of course, I do," Keith promised.

The Pastor then turned back to John and me.

"Heather, do you promise to love, honor, and cherish John Alec in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, as long as you both shall live?"

I smiled at John as I replyed confidently, "I do."

The Pastor then (you guessed it!) turned back to Emily and Keith.

"Emily, do you promise to love, honor, and cherish Keith John in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, as long as you both shall live?"

Emily smiled brillantly as she said, "I do."

"May we have the rings?" the Pastor asked to which Pete responded. Pete handed a set of rings to Emily and Keith, and then a set to me and John.

"You may place the ring on their finger," the Pastor instructed. John and Keith did as they were told.

"Now ladies you may do the same." Which Emily and I did.

We all then exchanged our own vows to each other and when we were finished, the Pastor spoke once again,

"You may now kiss the bride."

Luckily, Keith and John remembered they were in a church and didn't kiss us for *too long.* :)

We then faced the congregation.

The Pastor announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, for the very first time, I would like to introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. John Entwistle and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Moon!"

The congregation clapped and cheered.

We then took a ton of pictures and went to the reception. We had a lot of fun dancing and stuffing ourselves full of cake. And Keith was a good boy and only had one glass of champagne with Emily. :) It was truly a night we were going to remember for the rest of our lives...and it wasn't over yet...

~*~Part Forty-One~*~ (Oooo...honeymoon time...*giggles*)

"Lift your left foor up 'til you touch your nose... put your rear on your ear and wiggle your toes... hop all around like a kangaroo... you're almost ready to HOODLEEHOO!" I laughed loudly as Keith and I danced around our bedroom. We were doing the "Hoodleehoo," a dance that I had remebered from one of my favorite shows of 2000, "Cartoon Planet." It was so funny for Keith and I to actually be trying it!

"Grab some pickles and a pound of cheese... get some burgers and Mayoneese, eat 'em all up and don't forget to chew, now you're doin' the Hoodleehoo!"

When we were finally done dancing I collapsed on the bed in a fit of laughter. "Wot was tha' all 'bout then?" Keith asked me, grining broadly.

"Oh, I remembered it from a show I used to like... and I had always wanted to do it! But, I never thought I'd be doing it as Mrs. Keith Moon! Or in a castle-turned-hotel in Ireland, either!" I smiled back, and he pulled me into a huge hug.

"Aw! Well, it was fun, I'll give it tha'! So, Mrs. Emily Moon, do you 'ave any othah ideas of wot we could do now?" he asked slyly, kissing my cheek.

"Well... how about... this?" I said as I picked up a lovely pie that had been sent to our hotel room and flung a piece at him.

"'Ey! You got a 'ead start!" he chuckled as he came over and shoved a piece in my face.

We ended up destroying the whole pie, just like the guys had in "Happy Jack." We had pie EVERYWHERE!

"Now 'ow should we clean this up?" Keith asked me, looking mischievous.

"We could... wait for the maids to clean up the room, and as for ourselves..." I giggled as I led him into the shower with me.

"You really wanna?" he asked.

"Well, we ARE married!" I laughed.

"Yah know, yah're the only gahl 'oo I've waited for!" he remarked.

"Gee... that makes me feel good..." I trailed off, a bit bitterly.

"Oh c'mun! Yah know, it was WORTH it!"

"Really? Thanks sweetie..." I smiled and kissed him.

He rubbed his hands together. "Now 'ow 'bout tha' shower?"

The water ran...

~*~Part Forty-Two~*~ (So, are you and John having as much fun as Keith and I are? ;-)

I laughed as I ran into the room. "This is great!!" I squealed. "France has so many wonderful shops!! Emily's gonna die when she sees the clothes I've gotten. Especially this outfit!!" I added, admiring my reflection in the mirror. "And this room!! It's GORGEOUS!!" I shouted as I collapsed on the king sized bed in the middle of the huge honeymoon suite.

"I'm glad you like it!" John said, making an understatement.

"LIKE it?? I LOVE IT!!!" I corrected him with a grin.

" now you love a 'otel room more than me, eh?" John asked cheekily, knowing good and well that wasn't true.

"Of course not! You're better than a hotel room!! But you don't come with free soaps and shampoos and room service..." I trailed on as John tickled me.

"EEEE!!! Stop!! I can't *stand* it!! OK!! OK!! You WIN!!!!" I laughed, as I lay there breathless. " did you know where I was ticklish at?"

"Ohh...just a lucky guess..." John smiled broadly.

"Too lucky if you ask me!"

"Oh look--room service brought up some food!" John commented as he walked over to the table.

I shook my head. "The only way to a man's heart is through his stomach...and I never thought I would believe that..."

"Look at this! Wow! I've nevah seen such elaborate food in all me life!!" John exclaimed as he pulled up a chair and prepared to dig in.

I pouted. "Hey! What about me?"

" can eat too...there's plenty o' food to go 'round," John said, knowing he was purposely teasing me.

"Well...that's not what I meant..."

Then John began to eat and acted like I wasn't even there. But of course this he was doing on purpose.

He seemed so *ahm* (pardon the pun) ATE up in his meal, and I was feelin' "neglected." So when I was sure he wasn't paying any attention to me, I picked up a little pitcher of syrup...and promptly poured it all over his head. He immediately jumped up from his chair and kissed me all over until I was covered in syrup.

"UGH!! Ewwww....I'm all sticky!!" I stated the obvious.

John laughed evilly. "Tha's the point! Guess your plan backfired!"

"Look at you! You're a mess! Go take a shower right now, mister!" I commanded playfully.

John gave me a puppy dog face and pouted. "Yes Mummy..." and he trotted off to the shower.

I sighed and giggled as I did my best to clean up the mess I had caused.

"'EY!! 'Eath!! Can you please bring me some shampoo?! These maids don't keep up wif their job very well!" John yelled from the shower.

"OK!" I yelled back as I made my way into the huge bathroom. I found a bottle of shampoo sitting next to the sink and picked it up.

I opened the shower door a little to hand John the shampoo when I was suddenly pulled into the shower by...that's right, John.

"Yipe!! JOHN!! I still have all my *clothes* on!!" I shouted as my clothes now felt heavy and were clinging to my body.

"Oh really?" he asked, a sly smile creeping onto his face. "Then I guess we'll 'ave to remove them..."

I laughed. "So that's what you've been thinking about you randy little thing!!"

John only grinned as he unbuttoned my shirt...

~*~Part Forty-Three~*~ (*giggles*)

I lay in bed next to Keith, who played with my hair and kissed my forehead. I sighed, feeling truly happy. I turned around a bit to kiss his lips, and he smiled broadly.

" 'Ow are you feelin' today, 'un?" he asked me, the grin never leaving his lips.

"Pretty good... but..."

He looked a bit startled. "But wot?"

I sighed again. "It's the last day of our honeymoon..."

"Aw, don't worry, babe! Yah know that every day wif you will be like a honeymoon!" he exclaimed, kissing me again.

I giggled. "Well... *SIGH*... it's time we got up and got ready to catch our plane back to England..."

"Yep," he remarked. "Le's make the 'last few moments' fun though, eh?"

I grinned. "Just as fun as the past two weeks?"

"Nah... funner!! C'mun, gerrup outta bed," he told me as he got up himself.

"Out of bed??" I asked, puzzled.

"*A-ha-hem.* You pick you left foot up 'til you touch your nose... put your rear on your ear and wiggle your toes... 'op all around like a kangaroo... you're almost ready to... HOODLEEHOO!!"

I laughed loudly. "Ah, so we're doing this again are we?"

Well, we did the Hoodleehoo, and collapsed on the bed much the same way as last time. (It *really* wears you out, man!)

We got all packed and ready, and Keith drove our rented car to the airport. "*SIGH* I don't wanna go!" I told him, hugging his chest.

"Yeah, but now tha' we're married... we can 'ave fun every nigh'..." he trailed off and kissed me.

An announcer came on. "Passengers on flight number 905, please board now..."

"Tha's us!" Keith exclaimed as he took my hand and we walked out of the terminal.


On the plane...

I yawned. "You know, Keith... I think I'm really tired!"

"Well, you can fall asleep on me, I don' mind!"

"Thanks, sweetie..." I murmured as I put my head on his chest and closed my eyes, ready for shuteye.

"But... 's a really short plane ride, yah know," he told me.

"Oh I know! But, some sleep is better than none!"

"True!" he commented as he kissed the top of my head and I drifted off...


"Emmy... Emmy... wake up... Emmy, we're 'ere!" Keith tells me, shaking me gently as I looked up into his sparkling brown eyes.

"Wha...?" I asked, still half asleep.

"We're 'ere, we're back, in England," he says, smiling.

"Oh..." I yawned, as I stood up and stretched a bit. "Well let's go then, shall we?"

"Certainly, my dear gahl!" Keith exclaimed as he held my hand and we walked off together.

When we got to the terminal, Katie, Roger, Pete, and Sally were waiting there for us. Katie ran up and gave me a huge hug.

"Hey sis!! How was the... *honeymoon*?"

"It was nice..." I trailed off, smiling secretively. I'll let *HER* figure out what we did.

Rog, Pete, and Sally came up and hugged us too, everyone feeling ecstatic.

"Well, now tha' you're back, we can record more!" Pete exclaimed.

"Er... no... Jun's not 'ere!" Keith told him.

" 'E ISN'T?! 'Ow much longah is 'is 'oneymoon gonna take?" Pete asked, starting to look exasperated.

"How should we know?" I told him.

"AARRGH!!" Pete yelled, but before he could go too far, Sally stopped him.

"Don' worry, dear! It'll all be olright... 'e'll come back soon an' then you can record..." she whispered softly to him, comforting him much like you would a child.

Soon he was under her spell and grinning goofily as she kissed him.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Keith hugged me. "Back to *OUR* 'ouse, then?" he asked.

"Yes... back to *OUR* house," I replied.

~*~Part Forty-Four~*~ (Hey man... where ARE you guys? ;-)

I opened my eyes and glanced over at the clock. "OMIGOD!!! JOHN!! WAKE UP!!" I yelled, sitting upright in bed.

"Wha? Wha's wrong??" he asked frantically as he too sat up.

"We just missed our flight back to England!" I moaned as I held my head in my hands.

"Oh is tha' oll? Wot's wrong wif 'avin a few more days for our honeymoon, hmm?" John asked with a grin.

I smiled and gave him a kiss. "Now you know how much I'd love that...but won't everyone be expecting us back? Pete was pretty anxious for you guys to start recording again you know."

John sighed. "Yeah...I 'supose you're right...but I'd much rather stay 'ere."

I laughed as I teased him, "But don't you think we've been confined to this bed enough?"

John laughed as he tickled me. "An' there was nothin' wrong wif tha', now was it?"

"Oh no...not at all..." I agreed as we laid back down in each other's arms.

"So...what are we going to do about getting back?" I asked.

"Well tha' should be simple enough. We'll just get anothah flight back to England," John answered.

"Ok...just one problem...the next plane to England doesn't leave until midnight!"

"Well...we'll just call the othahs and tell 'em tha' we'll be late. I'm sure they'll understand..." he explained as he kissed me.


"Missed the plane, sure!!! I'll bet they just wanted to stay for anothah day doing, wotEVAH it is they've been doing!!" Pete shouted as he slammed down the phone.

"Missed the plane?" Emily asked curiously.

"Yeah...according to Jun he an 'Eather didn't wake up in time to make the first flight so they're gonna take the one at midnight tonight..." Pete growled.

Emily giggled. "That sounds like Heather! She never got up early for anything...and since she was with John--"

"No wonder she slept in so late!" Keith laughed.

"Well, we'll 'ave to pick them up, this morning!" Emily concluded.


"EM!!" I yelled as I ran up to Emily and gave her a big hug.

"HEATH!!! It's so great to see you again!!" Emily squealed as she hugged me.

Keith elbowed John and said clearly to where Emily and I could hear, "Sometimes, I think they'd rather be married to each othah..."

Emily and I collapsed in a fit of laughter.

"No, no!! I guess well just have to be good friends!!!" I managed to say in between laughs.

Emily played along. "Yeah!! Sorry Heath, but I guess this means we have to break up!"

"You're crazy. You're ALL crazy!!" Pete shouted. "Can we go home now??? We're recording tomorrow, got it?"

"Yes sir..." John mumbled as he put his arm around my waist and we all made our way back to the hotel.

~*~Part Forty-Five~*~ (COOL!! We get to go recording w/the guys!!!)

"WOW! Keith, I can't believe *I* get to go recording with you guys!! It'll be so cool to see!" I exclaimed, almost jumping up and down.

"Well, 'un, yah're not just a gahl anymore. You're MRS. KEITH MOON!" Keith laughed as he hugged me tightly.

"So what are you guys recording?" I ask curiously.

"Actually, I dunno yet!" he says. "But I'm sure once we get there tha' Pait'll know."

"Okay!" I giggled as he took my hand and led me out to the car. We sped off towards the studio.


When we got to the studio, Pete was standing there, impatiently tapping his foot.

"Well, don' be upset dear boy, we're 'ere, aren't we?" Keith asked him.

"Not you. JUN! Jun is NEVAH late! But 'e 'is now!" Pete said bitterly.

"How do you know if he's late?" I queried.

"If 'e's 'ere aftah Keef, I'd call tha' late."

Keith scowled, but then smiled as it rolled off his back like nothing. "Thanks for the compliment then! Well, should we start anyway?"

"Sure..." Pete grumbled as he walked inside.

Waiting for us when we got there were Sally, Katie, Roger, and... Heather and John!

"Bu... but... 'ow did you... 'ow did you..." Pete sputtered, eyes wide in disbelief.

"We have our ways..." Heather giggled. I smiled back at her.

"So wha' are you boys recording?" asked Sally.

"I've got this 'ole idea for a concept album..." Pete started.

"OOH!!! TOMMY!!!" I squealed, forgetting that it was only 1967.

Everyone gave me questioning looks. I gulped. "Ah... nothing! Do go on."

"Well, as I was saying... I've got an idea for a concept album, all about the like life of a teen in the sixties as it is now..." Pete continued.

"QUADROPHENIA!!!" I yelped, unable to control myself.

"WOT THE BLOODY 'ELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" Pete screamed at me, as I kept confusing everyone.

Before I could reply, Keith clapped his hand over my mouth. "Any'ow, Pait, continue. She won't interrupt you anymore!"

"*A-HA-HEM!!* I've got a CONCEPT ALBUM idea, about the life of a teen, and 'ow their life pretty much focuses around the radio..."


Pete threw his hands up in the air. "YES, it's called 'The Who Sell Out'. We're going to record some great songs, and some little 'commercials' for the album!"

Heather and I laughed together as we said, "HEINZ BAKED BEANS!"

Pete walked away in a huff, Sally trailing behind, trying once again to comfort him.

"You know, you could get in trouble wif a mouf like yours, if you're from the future..." Roger warned me. "Like wot was tha' junk 'bout the guy named 'Tommy' and somethin' called 'Quadrophenia'? It's a bit confusing."

"Nothing... just later stuff of yours that I don't want to give out... okay?" I told him, with a pleading look in my eyes.

Roger, John, and Keith sighed. "Olright..."

John suddenly giggled. "Innit funny 'ow Pait's olways on our tails to record, an' now 'E'S the one we're waitin' for?"

Everyone else started to laugh. At the moment when we had ceased our little fit, Pete came back, another goofy grin on his face. I don't know WHAT Sally does to him, but it must be like a tranquilizer!

"Olright. Le's go to it."

The guys all walked off to their own little sections: Roger in his glass box for recording vocals; Keith behind his drumkit in the middle of the studio; Pete and John with their guitars and basses to either side of Keith, each seperated by panes of glass. Sally, Katie, Heather, and I watched from up in the control booth, where Kit Lambert (their manager) stood.

Pete yelled, "Okay, Rog, yah got the lyrics there?"

"Yep!" Roger hollered back.

"A-one, two, three..."

I heard the unmistakable bass and guitar riff to "I Can See For Miles" rip throughout the studio.

I just smiled as Roger sang, "I know you've decieved me, now here's a surprise... I know that you have because there's magic in my eyes... I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles... oh yeah..."

~*~Part Forty-Six~*~ (MY FAVORITE ALBUM!!!)

Emily and I started to sing along loudly, annoying Kit Lambert in the process. "If you think that I don't know about the little tricks you plaaayyy--"

"Um...excuse me gahls, but could you please be quiet? I have to concentrate here," Kit asked us.

"Oh...sorry..." I said as Emily and I started singing in a whisper. A couple seconds later, Kit looked up at us with a scared expression.

"UH...just 'OW do you know the words to this song?? This is the first time Pete's evah let anyone see it let alone sing it..."

I looked at Emily with worry as she immediately came up with an answer, "Oh, the guys showed us the song before we got in here...and, uh, we're good at remembering lyrics...right Heath?"

"Uh...YEAH! That's it. I was always good at remembering songs..." I trailed off, not doing a very good acting job.

Kit just nodded, more so to just make us stop talking so he wouldn't have to listen.

Somewhere around two hours later, the guys came out of the recording studio.

"John!" I shrieked as I ran and gave him a hug and kiss. "You were wonderful!"

John just grinned. "You couldn't bear to be away from me for tha' long could you?"

I smiled back at him. "Gee, am I that transparent?"

"Hey Keefers!!" Emily exclaimed as Keith gave her a kiss. "You were wonderful dahling!!"

"Thank ya my dear gahl! But 's not ovah yet. We got one more song to record before today's sessions are ovah," Keith explained.

"Tha's right," Pete interrupted. "And it's going to get done today too. Not tomorrow, not next month, today. And BEFORE midnight."

"Olright, olright, chill!" Keith said, shaking his head.

"Pete, dahling....calm can't do everything in one day. It's going to eventually all get done," Sally reasurred Pete in a soothing voice. Pete merely got a glazed look over his eyes as he did what he was told.

"Well, wot do you say we oll go an' get something to eat an' then come back 'ere an' finish?" Roger asked, taking a hold of Katie's hand.

"Sounds like a great idea to me! I'm starved!" Katie agreed.

"Wonderful!" I exclaimed.

"Sounds good to me!" Emily chimed in.

"Olrighty then, off we go!" John announced as we walked out of the studio and down the street to a little cafe.


"Jeez...I don't ever want to see food again..." I moaned as I sat back down in the control studio.

"You'll want to eat your words in about four hours..." John teased with a grin.

"Oh please! That was a horrid pun!" I groaned as John pulled me up out of my chair.

"C'mun...come in th' studio, I want you to see it first 'and," John said dragging me in the studio where he and the other guys were recording.

"'Ere, put these on," John instructed as he handed me a pair of headphones.

"Headphones? What do I need these for?" I asked.

"So you can 'ear the music."


"You're going to sing back-up on 'Armenia City in the Sky'," John "informed" me.

"ME?! But I can't sing!!" I protested.

"Yes you can."

"How would you know?" I asked, wide-eyed.

"I 'eard you singin' one time in th' shower while I was in our room."

"You did?! Oh I feel embarrassed..." I mumbled as I held my face in my hands.

"Don't be embarrassed my dear! You sound great! 'Ere, look, Emily's gonna be singin' too," John said, as he pointed to Emily on the other side of the glass. Emily smiled and waved.

I sighed. "Alright then..."

"I knew you'd see it that way! 'Ere's the music an' lyrics in case you forget anything. But you've probably olready 'eard this song, right?"

I nodded.

"Ok then. Watch Pete. He's going to count off."

Pete then yelled, "ONE, TWO, THREE!!!!"

and John jumped into his part of the song, leaving me there to sing back-up....

~*~Part Forty-Seven~*~~ (Ugh...I hope we don't destroy this song...)

"Arrrrrrrmenniaaaaahhhhhh... City IN THE SKY!" I sang, as Kit kept on gesturing for me to make myself louder.

Then Roger went on... "The sky is glass... the sea is brown... and everyone... is UPSIDE-DOWN!"

Finally the song was over, for the first take.

Heather and I looked at each other, and I shrugged. We walked into the control booth.

"So... 'ow does it sound?? 'Ow does it sound?" Pete asked frantically.

" 'S okay, Pait... calm down... it'll be olright dear..." Sally soothed.

"Well, le's play it back," Kit remarked, and to me, it sounded HORRIBLE. Well, the parts I sang anyway.

"You CAN'T have me on this song!! I won't let you! It'll ruin your WHOLE ALBUM if I'm on here! I CAN'T SING!" I exclaimed.

To which Keith replied, "Are you off yah rockah? This sounds FABULOUS!!" As if to prove the fact, he kissed me. "Now stop worryin'! You 'ave a loverly voice!"

Kit nodded. "I like the sound tha' you an' 'Eathah add. Quite nice, actually."

"Yeah, yeah, the backing vocals weren't my problem, it was your BASS, JOHN. It needs more... 'oomph.' You know? More... POWER," Pete lectured.

"Yeah, yeah..." John muttered and rolled his eyes.

"And Daltrey... the lead needs to be more... psychedelic... more..."

"Oh shurrup Pait, le's jus' 'ave a go at it again," Roger replied.

"Um... do you need us again?" I asked, not knowing if they were going to mix the tracks, or record them live, or what.

"Nah... we'll just stick 'em in there latah... you can wait up 'ere for now," Kit told us.

"Okaiy... well... TO THE INSTRUMENTS!" Keith laughed, kissing me goodbye. Everyone did the same to their own girls.


After the track had been done about seven more times, I think, Kit and Pete were finally happy with the pieces. "Now we just 'ave to put 'em togethah!" Pete exclaimed happily.

"Okay groovy. Can I sing now?" Keith asked.

"Keef..." Kit started gently. "It's jus' tha', your voice is..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But please, can I sing this one song I wrote? An' I want me Emmy to sing backup," Keith said strongly.

"Ohhh-kay..." Roger sighed.

"But I'll RUIN IT!" I protested.

"Not any worse'n Keef will..." John smirked.

" 'E's only right! Now c'mun, Emmy, you're singin' this wif me! 'S special to me!" Keith said as he dragged me up to the microphone.

"But... we can go home..." Katie pointed out.

"Ah... let 'im 'ave 'is fun," Roger smiled. " 'E loves to sing, though 'e can't."

Heather giggled. "But I LIKE the way he sounded on Bucket T.!"

"You would," John told her. She playfully smacked him in response.

"Okaiy!!" Keith called out.

Kit started the recording, and I heard some familiar music start up in my ears. The music to "Girl's Eyes."

Keith started to sing. "Girl's Eyes, butterflies, how she cries, can't get through to you... She knows all the charts, breaks her heart, thinks a lot of you..."

Soon came the time for me to sing the backup. "Each time you play a melody, it means the Earth to this little girl, can you be cruel and break her heart? Tear her small world apart?"

The song finished. I burst into tears.

~*~Part Forty-Eight~*~ (*sniff* He wanted to sing that for ME!! Isn't that *SWEEEEET*?!?)

I rolled my eyes as Emily came out of the recording room, sobbing.

"OH M!! Don't cry, hun! I din't want you to cry!" Keith exclaimed, hugging Emily with all his might.

Emily then started to smile as she looked up at Keith.

"I'm sorry. I guess I just got a little choked up that's all...that song means a lot to me Keith...and the face that you sang it to me and had me sing on it meant even more to me..." Emily explained as she and Keith kissed.

"*AHHHM*," Pete cleared his throat. "Some of us would like to go 'ome now..."

"Tha's groovy Pete, but wait a minute. I need to talk to you fellahs about the tour," Kit began.

"Tour, wha' tour?" Roger asked curiously.

"Th' tour that I've booked for you. An' don't worry, it isn't too stressful. 'S actually quite nice. 'S your first American tour," Kit explained to the guys.

"Oh, you mean we get to go to America for our first big tour?" John asked in amazement.

"Tha's right. Wot do you think about these dates?" Kit asked as he passed a sheet filled with cities and dates around for everyone to see.

Pete let out a sigh. "Well Kit...I guess we've got our work cut out for us...we'll 'ave to start rehearsing in between finishing this record."

Keith smiled. "'Ey, M and the othah gahls get to come wif us right?! After all, M is me wife an' I refuse to leave 'er 'ere!"

Kit nodded. "Yes, Keif..of course they get to go."

I grinned. "Hey, this'll be fun! I've never been on tour with the Who before!"

Emily rolled her eyes and cheekily commented, "You've never been on tour with anyone before!"

" starts in a week?!" Katie gasped as she got a hold of the list. "Guess we better get packing..."

"Don't worry dahling...we'll get everything we need oll togethah well in advance," Roger reassured her.

"We better get started. We've got a lot of planning to do," I suggested to John, who agreed.

"You're right...we're gonna be on our way, k guys? See you tomorrow..." John said as I waved good-bye to Emily and everyone else as I was dragged out of the studio by John.

"YIKES!" I yelled as John picked me up in his arms and swung me around as soon as we were outside. "Ok...aahhh...You're scaring me!!"

John laughed as he continued to carry me to the car. "I think we need to take a shower when we get 'ome..." John oh-so-subtley suggested as he gave me a kiss.

"Oh really..." I laughed as we got into the car.

John just grinned and nodded as we made our way home.


A week had quickly past, and now we were all on our way to the airport.

"OK, so you're sure we got everything?" I asked John, checking things off my list of stuff I had made sure to pack.

"Hun, we can't very well bring the whole bloody 'ouse wif us! Stop worrying! I'm sure we 'ave everything we need!" John reassured me with a kiss.

I sighed. "OK, I guess you're right. We better get going then, we told the gang we wouldn't be late! We don't want to miss this flight! It isn't like our honeymoon you know!" I laughed.

John smiled as he brought our luggage out through the front door. "Although...every night is like our honeymoon..."

I laughed and joked around, "Yeah...syrup and all!"

We finally got everything loaded up into the car and headed off towards the airport.


"Hey M!! Hey guys!!" I shouted as John and I walked up to everyone.

"We're glad you could make it!" Keith laughed.

"'An we weren't late, eithah. Aren't you proud of us?" John asked with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah...if you 'ad been late, 'Eather would 'ave been a widow..." Pete commented with a scowl.

"Jeeeez...what's wrong with you? Not a morning person, eh?" I asked, with a cheeky grin.

Sally answered for him, "'E had a long night. 'E was busy making sure th' music was wot 'e wanted on th' album an' all."

"Ohhh..." I replied.

Just then, the announcer came over the intercom. "Flight 317, now boarding."

"Tha's us!" Keith shouted as he picked up some of his and Emily's luggage.

"Let's try not to get too drunk on this flight, OK?" I asked John with a grin as he kissed me on the cheek.

"Wotevah you say, my dear!"

And with that, we all loaded up our luggage onto the luggage belt and made our way onto the airplane to begin the Who's first American tour.

~*~Part Forty-Nine~*~ (Alrighty! We get to go on tour with our beloved Who!!!)

"Omigod, omigod... THE TOUR!! Heathy, the TOUR!" I shouted happily as I sat down on the plane, practically bouncing up and down.

"Yeah M, it's a tour. I got that the first time round, you know," she smiled back at me.

"Emmy, why're you so excited? I mean, yah're more excited than *I* am, an' I'm gunna be playin' in front of th' audience!" Keith laughed.

"Oh, I don't know, it's just... THE TOUR!!!" I joyfully yelped.

Roger rolled his eyes at me. "Jeez it, M... yah're a lit'le 'igh-strung... no wonder yah're pahfect far Keef..."

"Yeah, we knew that!" Katie giggled. "She's ALWAYS been like this! Even when we saw you on TV, she'd jump up and down, and up and down, over and over..."

"That's the way I am!" I finished proudly.

"Good Lord... I 'ope 's flight i'n't as long as the othah one..." Pete mumbled to no one in particular.

"Well, yah've got sammone yah luff wif yah 'ere this time 'raund," Sally pointed out, kissing him.

"Mmmm..." Pete just sighed with a satisfied smile playing on his lips.

Heather sighed, and wrapped her arms around John. "Well... if the ride's fun, it won't be so bad!"

"Yeah... 's oll fun yah know," John smirked as he leaned down to kiss her.

I continued to bounce in my seat, though with increasing difficulty since I had buckled the seatbelt.

" 'Ave you been 'avin' some brandy an' not given me any?" Keith asked cheekily. "Where is it, yah naughty gahl!"

"Oh no!" I laughed, as he attempted to hold me down.

"C'mun you... yah're gunna sit dawn an' behave like a good lit'le gahl!"

"But I'm *not* a 'good lit'le gahl'!" I protested.

"Uh... save this for yahr bedroom, plaise..." John mumbled.

I gave him the evil eye. "Hmmph! At least *we* know how to have fun!"

"So do 'Eathah an' I... remember the last flight we oll took?" John asked, smirking again.

"Shh! The stewardesses might overhear and throw us off the plane!" Heather joked, poking John in the ribs. John grinned back.

"Would you oll mind shutting up? I 'aven't 'ad a good wink o' sleep since we started recording, an' I'm a bit irritible..." Roger trailed off, glaring at us.

"Yeah..." Katie yawned. "Why don't we all go to sleep?"

"You *ALWAYS* want to sleep," I told her, smiling sweetly.

"So? Maybe it's a good time to," she retorted.

"Oh, so now we're taking naps like we were kindergarteners?" I asked, to which no one seemed to object to.

"Yeah, why not? I'm a bit tired myself," John remarked casually as he and Heather set off to sleep.

"Well, fine then! All of you sleep. But I'm gonna stay up and have fun!" I told them all.

"Jeez M, yah're in a bit of a mood," Keith said as he kissed me. "Can I make it feel bettah?"

I smiled. "Only if you know how to..."

"Okaiy, now I *really* wanna sleep," Pete informed everyone.

"Go right a'ead, dear... drift off inta sleep, an' when ya wake up, it'll oll feel bettah," Sally soothed him, putting Pete to sleep right then and there.

Soon everyone except for Keith and I were dozing.

"So... wha'cha wanna do?" Keith asked me.

I giggled. "Let's sleep."

"Sounds good to me!" he replied as I rested my head on his chest, preparing to drift off.

~*~Part Fifty~*~ (Rock-a-bye, and goodnight, la da da dee dum dum...)

I sighed as I looked at the ceiling from my place on the bed. "Emmiillly...this is soooo boring...." I whined to Emily who sat on the opposite side of my room in a chair.

She nodded in agreement. "I know...but the guys had to go and take some publicity pictures. It's all for the best of them you know," Emily reminded me.

"'s so *boring* with out John here..."

Emily laughed. "And you think not having Keith around is making it any better for me?"

"I know, I know..." I trailed off as I continued to stare at the ceiling. "Where'd Katie and Sally go?"

"Shopping. Not only for themselves, but they just had to get something for Roger and Pete for when they get back..." Emily explained as she rolled her eyes. "Jeez...New York isn't very grand in the 60s is it? I mean, we already went shopping in practically every shop and hardly found anything!"

"Yeah...I was surprised by that...I mean, New York is a big city and all--" I began, when suddenly there came a knock on our room's door.

"I'll get it," I said as I jumped off the bed and headed out into the living room and over to the door.

I unlocked it, and swung it open, expecting it to be the maid or something. When low-and-behold, Paul McCartney stood there in the doorway, with John Lennon by his side.

I blinked as I looked at them again.

John laughed. "'S us!"

"We 'eard that you an' th' othah lads were 'ere in America for a tour. Which we thought was kinda funny, cause we're 'ere for th' very same reason. So, we looked you up, and decided to come visit!" Paul explained with a charming smile.

I grinned as I turned around back into the room and shouted, "Hey Emily! We have some visitors!!"

"Is it Keith?!" she asked excitely as she jumped up and ran to the door. "John! Paul! What a nice surprise!" she exclaimed as she realized who it was.

"Jeez...where is everyone?" John asked as he frowned and scanned the room.

"The guys are off getting some publicity shots done, and we didn't really want to get in their way, so we stayed here. Em's sister and Pete's girl, Sally, are out shopping. We're the only ones here at the time," I explained as John sat down in a chair.

"Really? Yah're oll 'ere by yerselves? Well tha's not very nice leavin' two lovely ladies oll by themselves! Say, why don't you come down to our 'otel an' 'ang out wif us an' the othah lads," John suggested with a smile.

I looked at Emily who seemed to nod in agreement.

"Ok then!"

"Great!" Paul said as he flashed a smile at me and Emily.

"I'll just leave a note here for the guys letting them know where we've gone..." I said as I searched for a piece of paper.

"Uh--Why don't you let me write that note...remember the last note you left me?!" Emily asked, giving me that "look."

I laughed. "Oh, alright!" I relented, handing her the paper and pen.

Emily wrote down a somewhat detailed note informing the guys where we were.

"Ok! All done! We can go now!" Emily announced as she reached for her jacket.

"Right, le's go!" Paul said as we left the hotel.


John, Keith, Pete, and Roger all walked into the hotel suite after a long day of photo taking.

"Man I'm' 'ungry..." Roger complained as he walked out of the suite's living room and into the kitchen.

"You're olways complaining about something..." Pete grumbled as he sat down on the couch.

John walked into his room with Keith following behind him.

"'Ey! Where's Em?!" Keith asked as he noticed she wasn't where he had left her.

"' 'ow come 'Eathah isn't 'ere either?" John frowned as he and Keith walked back out into the living room.

"Look! A note!" Keith suddenly shouted as he read it outloud.

"Dear guys,
John Lennon and Paul McCartney stopped by while you were gone. They invited us over to their hotel, 'The Ritz', to hang out. Sally and Katie went shopping together so Roger and Pete shouldn't worry. We'll be back later! Love you all!
Emily Moon and Heather Entwistle.

Keith finished reading the note. "Well...imagine that..." he trailed off, still holding the note in his hands.

~*~Part Fifty-One~*~ (Hmmm...I hope Paul and John know that you and I are already married to Moonie and John....*wink*wink*)

"Wow... hey guys, you've got a really groovy room!" I grinned as Heather and I walked about the HUGE suite that The Beatles had rented for their stay in New York.

"Yeah, 's nice! 'Ey, Ring, look 'oo we've got wif us!" John cheekily called out to Ringo, who nodded.

"Oh, 'ello then, 'ow 'ave things been goin' since the last time we saw you gahls?" Ringo asked very politely.

"Oh, fabulous!" Heather gushed. "This is the guys' first American tour, and they're all excited about being in New York!"

"Yeah, from what I've seen, New York's grand!" George laughed.

"Oh, but it is! As a native, I *know* these things," I joked back. I loved George's sense of humor!

"Wot would you gahls say to a lit'le wine for a bit?" Paul asked, laying the charm on Heather.

"No no no," she protested, "we try not to drink."

"Aw, 's just this one time!" Paul pleaded, getting the Big-Puppy-Dog-Look in his eyes.

"Uh... um... M?" she asked me, as George looked at me and said,

"Aw, one lit'le drink won't 'urt any of us, will it?"

I gulped. "Ummm... uhhh... no, we can't!"

George winked at me.

"Well... maybe just ONE drink..."

All four Beatles seemed to smile as Heather and I each took a glass of wine. "Not bad!" I said out loud as I appraised its taste.

"Very good!" Heather added.

Then, the door opened!

" 'Ello lads! I see ya've taken the gahls wifout invitin' us! And look! Wine! Well, we'll just 'ave to stick around wif our wives won't we?!" Keith exclaimed, smiling, as he walked in. John, Roger, and Pete came in behind him.

"WIVES?!" all four Beatles yelped as they spit out their wine.

"Yeah, wives. 'S that a foriegn concept to yah?" John smirked as he crept up on Heather and gave her a kiss.

"Whoa, sorry mate, di'n't know they were yah wives! So, 'oo's whose?" Paul grinned winningly.

"I'm Emily Moon!" I laughed as Keith picked me up and carried me around. "Keith, slow down!"

"Nah, 'm 'aving FUN!" he giggled.

"Well, le's OLL 'ave a partaiy!" John Lennon suggested.

"Sounds good to me!" Roger exclaimed as he and George turned on the record player and put in a Beatles' record.

"Nah, I don' wanna 'ear tha'!" Ringo shrugged as he took that out and placed "The Who Sings My Generation" into the record player. "These blokes are much bettah on their instruments than we are!"


We all danced, laughed, and ate for a good while, and then Sally and Katie came to the door.

"Hey! We finally found ya!" Katie giggled as she went over and hugged Roger. "Look what I got for you!"

"Oh! A fringe jacket! Thanks love!" Roger smiled as he took the present and proceeded to try it on. I had to stop myself from screaming too loudly.

"An' Pait, I got this for you!" Sally grinned shyly as she handed Pete a white boiler suit.

"Ooh, love, I love it! Hmm... 's will be great on tour..." he pondered aloud.

I winked at Heather. She laughed.

"Oh great! You like them! So, let's get back to the party!" Katie suggested.

~*~Part Fifty-Two~*~ (Heh heh... FRINGE!!)

"OK!! READY OR NOT, 'ERE WE COME!!!" Paul yelled as he and George uncovered their eyes and began their search for me and Emily.

John and Keith were (im)paitently waiting their turn to search for us after George and Paul were finished with their turn...

"Emily!" I hissed as I pulled on her arm. "I think they're getting closer over here! Let's move!"

Emily giggled softly. "Ok! Where to?"

"Um...over there!" I pointed over to the room that John and Keith were sitting in.

"But John and Keith are in there, and they'll give us away!" Emily protested.

"Uh, Emily...think about what you just said."

"What? I said that they'll give...OHHH...." she stopped herself mid-sentence as it suddenly occured to her. "They won't give us away! After all, we ARE their wives and I'm sure they don't want Paul and George to have anymore time with us than they've already had..." Emily grinned. "Did you see the way your Johnny was looking at Paul when he suggested we play this game?! He was postively jealous!"

I laughed. "I know...and Keith of all people didn't have any trouble showing his feelings when George volunteered to help Paul find us..."

Emily smiled. "I saw! Isn't this great?! They care for us so much that they get jealous at the mere thought of any other guy even flirting with us!"

I grinned at Emily as I peered up over the couch. "Ok...I think it's safe to go now...Paul and George are lookig for us in another room. Let's go on three...One-two--three!!"

Emily and I high-tailed it to the room across from where we had been and closed the door and locked it promptly.

John and Keith jumped at the sight of us.

"Gahls! What's going on? Why are you in here?" Keith asked, a puzzled look on his face.

"Paul didn't try anything wif you, did 'e?!" John asked, getting an angry look on his face.

"Oh no! We just thought it would be a good turn-around if we hid in here where you guys are! They wouldn't think of looking--" I began before there was a pounding on the door.

"'EATH!! EMILY!!! We know you're in there!! Now come out wif your 'ands up!!" Paul shouted as George laughed.

"Uh spoke too soon..." Emily moaned.

I spun around and faced John.

"Baby! Quick, HIDE ME!!!" I shrieked in a low voice as a sly smile crept across John's face.

"Keith...if you don't hide me from them, then I'll...I'll...I *won't* reprimand you like you like!!" Emily promised to which Keith gave her a look of horror.

"OY! Tha's an awful suggestion! 'Ere! Get under 'ere!" Keith motioned for Emily to get under the table where he sat. "The table cloth will cover you completely."

"John!!" I pleaded, giving him a puppy dog face.

John just laughed as he pulled me down into his lap and gave me a kiss.

"Well that was great, only one little problem....I CAN STILL BE SEEN!!"

And with that, John picked me up and carried me over to a closet and shut the door, locking it.

"Now don't say anything either of you!" John instructed as he walked over to the door and unlocked it to face Paul and George.

"Olright...where are they?" Paul asked, walking into the room.

"'Oo? Oh, you mean our wives...they aren't in 'ere. I thought they were playing 'ide-'an-go-seek with you fellahs..." John answered casually.

"They are. 'An we know they're in 'ere," George said, looking around.

"Course they're not! Me and Junny are the only ones in 'ere you crazy Liverpulidian blokes!" Keith smirked.

"'Ey! 'Oo you callin' crazy?" Paul asked, in an almost angry tone. "'An I'd rather be from Liverpool than wherever it tis you're from."

Keith just looked at Paul with an annoyed glare.

"'Ey, there's nothing wrong wif being from where Keef's from," John came to his best friend's defense.

"An''ve been tryin' to keep me from 'Eathah oll evening!" Paul pointed out in an angry voice.

"Rightfully so. She's my wife and I don't appreciate the way you've been goin' around flirtin' wif 'er every chance you get," John shot back, coldly.

"Wot makes you think she doesn't like if when I flirt wif 'er?!" Paul asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Because I just know," John replied, his voice so cold it could freeze.

"Well maybe you don't know very much. Maybe she *enjoys* being wif ME more than she does YOU!" Paul shouted, as he was knocked to the ground by John's fist.

I could hear what was going on from inside the closet and I knew John had done something rash. I kicked and banged on the closet door.

"JOHN!! What did you do?!! Let me out *now* damnit!!!!" I yelled as the door swung open and I fell into John's arms.

Emily had come out from under the table and was staring at Paul who was out cold.

"OMIGOD!! He's unconscious! Quick! Get some water!" Emily instucted as Keith reluctantly did so.

Paul was revived in a matter of moments. "Oh me head...wot in bloody 'ell 'appened?"

"John hit you," I replied coldly, not believing that John would resort to violence like he did. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah I think so..." he said as he sat up. Then he remembered everything. He looked up at John with an appologetic expression. "Oh man...I'm surry...I'm so surry about wot I said. I, I, I don't know wot came ovah me..."

John nodded and replied, "Apology accepted."

I sighed. My life never seems to fail to amaze me...

~*~Part Fifty-Three~*~ (Wow! What a night!!)

"Wooo..." I sighed, looking at Paul and John as they made up.

" 'Ey, Keef, 'm also surry for flirtin' wif Emily an' oll," George said as he looked over at Keith.

" 'S okay, I guess, 's long as, 'S ALL OVAH!!!" Keith suddenly screamed.

Everyone gave him and me a funny look as I started laughing hysterically.

"Um, nothing!" I quickly said and gained my composure. "AnyWHO, does anyone know what happened to Katie, Rog, John Lennon, Ringo, Pete, and Sally?"

"No, no idea at all!" Heather shrugged. "Guys?"

George, Keith, John, and Paul all shook their heads.

"Well, I hope they get back soon!" I added.

As soon as I had finished saying that, the missing six piled through the door, Pete wearing his boiler suit and Rog wearing his *fringe jacket*.

"Where were you lads?" asked Keith expectantly.

"We went out ta dinner 'cos Rog was so 'ungry. What 'ave you oll been doin'?" Pete responded.

"We were playing hide-and-go-seek!" I exclaimed, almost too cheerfully.

Roger nodded his head, making the fringe sway. I felt dizzy.

"FRINGE!! Keith, *you* need to get some fringe..." I screamed and then mumbled.

"Eh?" Keith asked, confused.

"Nothing..." I trailed off, making myself even more quiet.

"You know what I want?" Heather asked suddenly.

"Wot?" John asked, smirking. "Anyfring I can 'elp wif?"

"Weeellll... I want grape soda!"

"That's my FAVORITE SODA!!" Katie yelped happily. "And we bought some before!!"

"That's good..." Roger rolled his eyes.

"What?! You don't like grape soda? So don't take it out on me, buddy!" Katie yelled at him.

"I nevah said a word!"

"Oh, so NOW you're denying that you even did anything! Well, Mr. Daltrey, I won't stand for these shenanigins!"

"WOT shenanigins?!"

"That's it, YOU'RE sleeping on the couch!" Katie exclaimed. With that, she walked out the door.

Roger stood there with a puzzled look on his face. "Wot did I do???"

"Eh, it's Katie, she'll get over it right about--" I started, and then Katie walked in the door.



Roger merely shrugged and walked back out the door with Katie, as she said perkily, "Here, want some grape soda?"

As soon as they left, Sally turned to me and asked, "Is your sister on some sort o' medication or sumtin'?"

I rolled my eyes as I said, "No, but she NEEDS to be..."

"You can say that again," Heather remarked.

"She seemed nice when we went out ta dinnah," Ringo shrugged. "I dunno."

"Oh, she just gets these little fits once in a while," I replied, to which they all nodded.

"I see the family resemblence," John Entwistle giggled to Heather, at which I scowled.

"Oh shut up!" I finished.

"Ya gotta admit, it's true M!" Heather laughed.


"Oh, le's bloody gerroff the topic of bloody mental illness olright?!?!" Pete shouted, freaking out.

"Oh, Pait, 's olright dear..." Keith cooed, making fun of Sally.

Sally laughed, taking the joke. Pete scowled. [My, THAT's different, isn't it? Pete scowling? ~*M*~]

"Well," Paul yawned, "Whatda say we oll get some sleep or somefing?"

"Okay, but since we've got a gig tomorrow, we'd best be goin'. Nice seein' you lads," John E. said.

Katie and Roger were sitting on the couch, drinking *grape soda*. This made Katie extremely hyper.


"Thanks, babe."

**Sorry Em, I had to erase a tiny bit at the end of your story to make my part 'ere make since! Because we had to tell the Beatles good bye and give them backstage passes... :) You'll see!**

~*~Part Fifty-Four~*~ (I'm tellin' ya, Katie on grape soda is worse than Keith on alcohol...)

"Ummm...I think it's about time we guys' first concert is tomorrow you know," I reminded Roger and Katie.

"Oh man...tha's right!" Roger's eyes widened. "Kat, I'm scared!!"

Katie just smiled warmly. "Don't be. You'll do great, I know you will!!"

"Aw, thanks babe! Wot would I do wifout you?!" Roger asked as he gave Katie a huge hug.

Emily cleared her throat. "Well, shall we be off?"

"Yeah, I am kinda tired..." Keith agreed sleepily.

"Well THA'S a change now in't it?" Pete laughed.

"Guys, thanks for having us over. I had a good time," I smiled as I hugged each Beatle goodbye.

"Thanks for coming! We'll see you oll soon I hope?" Paul asked with a hopeful smile.

"Hey! Why don't you come to the concert tomorrow? You'll have to stand backstage though...we don't want a riot because some teenyboppers discovered the Beatles are at a Who concert!" Emily laughed.

"Em, that's a good idea! John, give them those backstage passes you've been caring around!" I instructed to John.

He did as he was told.

"Well, I guess we'll be seeing you oll tomorrow!" John L. said.

"Sure will! Good bye everyone!" I called as we walked out the door.

The next day....

"Pete, did you get me new bass strings for tonight?" John asked, as Pete shook his head.

"Um..surry..I forgot wif gettin' ready for the concert tonight an' oll..." Pete replied.

"Wot do you mean you forgot?! I 'ave to get some bass strings before the concert...where am I going to get bass strings in half an hour?!"

John was freaking out.

"'Ere ya go, mate," a person said as John was handed some bass strings.

"Thanks a lot! Who are you?" John asked to the man who was wearing a dark suit and sunglasses.

The man pulled off the sunglasses and smiled. It was Paul.

"'S only me! The othah lads are making their way up here one by one..."

"Great! The guys need all the support they can get!" I said with a grin.

"Well we need to start warming up guys...le's go..." Pete instructed as the guys stepped up to the stage with the curtains still closed.

It was only a matter of 25 minutes now before the Who would play their first American concert....

~*~Part Fifty-Five~*~ (*squeals*)

"I'M A BOOOOOOOY, I'M A BOOOOYYYYY, I'M AAAAAAAA..... BOYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!" I sang (er, more like screamed) along.

Heather giggled. "Er, no you're not!"

I smiled, "Well, oh, um... you know!" I elbowed her in the ribs.

Pete smiled nervously at the crowd as he said, "Um, okay... now we're gunna plaiy this single, called, Substitute!"

A wave of shouts and cheers came up from the audience as the cute and catchy little guitar riff started up the song.

"Substituuuute, me for him..." Roger sang, and shook his hips.

Katie gasped for air. "LOOK AT THAT! AAAAAHHHHH!!! And it's allllllll miiiiineeee!"

Sally smirked, "Yeah, but 's nothin' like PAIT does wif 'is BACK!" She promptly swooned as Pete did so.

Paul and George hung around with us, and peeped out the wings of the stage. "Wow! They're almost got as many paipol 'ere as one of our concerts!" George smiled.

"Yeah, but they look awfully nervous..." John Lennon trailed off. "I know exactly 'ow they feel."

"Really? I never would've guessed that you got that nervous!" I exclaimed.

"Oh yeah. 'E gets sick before every performance," Paul said, looking serious.

"That's horrible!" Heather said, concerned.

"OMIGOD!!!!" I suddenly screamed as Roger handed Keith his microphone.

Keith smiled nervously at the crowd. "Uh, 'ello everybody! Keef 'ere, 'm the drummah of The 'Oo, as you can tell! Right now, we're doin' our latest single, 'I Can See For Miles.'" With that, he handed the microphone back to Roger, and grinned his cheeky little grin.

"I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise..."

~*~Part Fifty-Six~*~ (Wow, we're at the concert, AND we're hanging out with the BEATLES! Can life GET much better?! :-)

I smiled as Paul and John began singing along to the song. We all joined in.


Just then, Emily stopped singing and suddenly turned pale.

"EM?! Are you ok??!! What's wrong??" I yelled over the loud music.

"JOHN!!!!!!!!! MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as she pushed John Lennon to the floor.

Just then, a bullet flew through the path where John Lennon had just been standing.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!! Someone, catch that guy!!!!!!!" Paul yelled as two police officers who were standing by backstage heard his plea and ran after the attempted murderer.

"John, are you ok??? Emily?!!" I asked frantically, leaning over the two of them.

"Yeah, I'm ok, Em, are you?" John asked concerned.

"Yes, I'm fine. Oh my God that was the biggest scare I've ever had!!" she whimpered.

"It's all going to be alright now. The police went right after that guy, whoever he was," I reassured her.

"Em!! You're a hero!!!" Paul exclaimed.

"What happened???" Pete asked as he and the guys came rushing backstage for their break.

Emily just sighed.

"Emily...just saved John Lennon's life..." I trailed off.

~*~Part Fifty-Seven~*~ (Wow Em...WOW!!)

I stared at the now-smouldering hole in the wall, where the bullet had made its mark. I started sobbing, and all four members of The Who, all of The Beatles, Heather, Katie, and Sally crowded around me, hugging me. As John Lennon walked over to me again, he asked, "Emily, just 'ow did you know tha' was gonna 'appen? I'm... I'm... shocked tha' in a second, I coulda been a gonnah."

I wiped my eyes, looking at the blurry image of his shocked expression. My vision was blurred because I had taken my glasses off, and the veil of tears around my eyes also made it hard to see. I shut my eyes, rubbed them, and opened them again. "I don't know, really... my vision's never been really good, as you can see... I just kinda, felt something. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him. And I instinctively pushed you down."

"I've nevah been more greatful in me life!" he said, casting his eyes downward. "I don' know 'ow to thank you."

"Just the fact that you're alive is thanks enough," I answered him, giving him a great big hug, which he returned. As I let go of John, we smiled at each other, and and Keith, Heather, and John Entwistle came back up to me.

Keith was visibly upset. "Emmy! Yah coulda gotten yahrself killed!" he shouted. "I... I don't know wot I'd do if tha' 'appened," his voice turned quieter.

"I don't know what I'd do without you either, Keefy," I replied, clinging onto him as if for dear life.

Heather then grabbed onto me for a hug, too. "Keith's not the only one," she weakly smiled. "We'd all be a little less rich in our lives without you here."

"I 'ate to dampen everyone's mood," John Entwistle said, "but you guys do know tha' the press are gunna come 'ere, an' I know for a fact tha' they're gunna bombard you, M. An' us."

"I know," I sighed. "There's absolutely no way we're ever going to be able to get rid of the bad publicity. I mean, it'll say, 'BEATLE NEARLY MURDERED AT WHO CONCERT' and all the like."


Later that night...

Keith and I were in our bedroom in the hotel. He said to me, "Emmy... did you know tha' was gonnah 'appen?"

I was confused. "Huh? What do you mean, Keefy?"

"Well, you know, in 2000... did Jun Lennon originally die in 1967?" he replied, looking into my eyes.

"Oh no!" I answered. "But he was murdered the way he almost was tonight, in 1980."

Keith looked shocked. "WHA'?! Well, if yah're gunna work so 'ard on keepin' me alive, don' fahget abaht 'im!"

I smiled. "You know, Keith, since Heath, Katie, and I came here, it's a different world. You're not like what you would've been."

"Cool!" grinned Keith. "Maybe Jun won't be killed aftah oll... cos 's diff'rent now. I 'ope you nevah 'ave to go back, Emmy..." he trailed off, hugging me tightly. "I love yah too much."

"I hope so too, Keith, me too."

~*~Part Fifty-Eight~*~ (Oh no, not another omen, was it?!)

"Heather! Get up ya lazy bum!! C'mon! We've got a lot to do today!" Emily said while shaking me in my bed.

I opened my eyes slowly. "Wha--?"

"Wake up sleeping beauty! Don't you know what today is?? We have to get ready for our big Who concert we're going to see, remember??!" Emily nearly shouted with excitement.

"What??" I asked again as I sat up.

" must have been way out of it. Don't you even know where you are??"

"I'm in the--my room??!!" I shouted as I jumped up.

"Yeah...remember...I spent the night and today is the day of the Who concert we're seeing together?"

I shook my head slowly as it all came back to me. The Who. The Monkees. The Beatles. The marriages. The tears. The laughs. They had all been a dream. A--DREAM??

"Um...are you ok, Heath?" Emily asked, concerned.

"Oh..yeah...I'm fine. It's just. I had this really weird dream that I thought was real and...oh...well, I'll write about it and you can read it then ok?" I said with a smile.

Emily grinned. "Alrighty! Sounds great to me! Can't wait to read it!! Now, what do you say we get up and going, eh?"

I nodded. "Sure."

"I get the shower first!!" Emily yelled as she ran to my bathroom and shut the door.

I laughed as I thought to myself...

Wow...I thought that dream was real. So real. It was too real. All those feelings I felt. In a dream? But it WAS a dream.

I sighed and accepted this fact as I looked down at my left hand. And there, on my ring finger, was a little sparkling diamond ring.