April 7th 2003
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War Dogs
Press Conference
Title Holders
PPV Events
Tuesday Titan Clash
Wrestler Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Prez has announced a new format for CwF programming... go to the press conference section and check it out!
Press Conference
War Dogs is here!!  HUGE event has gone down... the second big Pay Per View since the move... Click here to read all about it!!!
Soulreaver... In a heated fued with Nightmare over the world title.  He claims to be the end of Nightmare, and his Alliance!
Weeks 6 and 7 are up!  The Nightmare and Dark One fued is building serious steam!  Could the current leader of the Shadow Alliance be the downfall of the former??  Take a look!
X-Treme World Tour
He has done it again!! Hardcase Hamilton has had a interview with the enigmatic (former) leader of the Shadow Alliance Nightmare!
Go to "interviews" and check it out.
Filsinger games
Lots of major news to report!

After a LONG down time, the CWf is coming back again!  Not due to financial reasons as was in the past, or due to physical overthrow (Shadow Alliance).  This time it was relocation!  That's right, the CWF headquarters has moved from northern california to the midwest were people appreciate wrestling, and not the "drama" that follows some feds. 

Also, all of the titles have been stripped from thier holders, and the top four contenders have been determined and will fight for the belts in an upcoming event!
Dark One...Nightmare's right hand man is set to explode into the world title scene... but is his agenda the same as Nightmare's????
We now have an exclusive news group devoted to the CWF and all goings on... check it out...
Wrestling news dot com
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Welcome one and all!!  This is my page devoted to Filsinger Games'  wrestling card game, Champions of the Galaxy (R).  I don't own alot of the editions, but, I have thoroughly enjoyed the game, and have gone off and created a whole federation on my own!  Using the rules of the original, I created a slew of characters and now I only use them.  I have well over a hundred!!  but I am only gonna use less than half for the time being. ( As I go back and read this i realize i have used at least a hundred of my creations.)  As wrestlers get old and retire, or hurt I have new young stallions to fill in the ranks. 
   I am president McGreevey, and I am just getting started, but I have BIG plans for this fed, and lots of major story ideas and angles that will eventually play out.  For now... I will just get to the meat of the fed...the wrestlers.  So go check out my rosters and remember to keep checking back, because it's gonna be a wild ride!!