Wow, a lot has happened to me since I started this site over 6 years ago. It's really crazy how time flies!! I'm now a senior in college, graduating in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Resource Economics, with a concentration in Marketing and Business Management. Cool, eh? Let's see...what else, I really love my fiance, Josh. He and I will be getting married on December 12, 2009!!! We're currently looking for a house to buy. Exciting eh?

Now I'll leave you with a list of favorites just because:
Food: Stuffed clams                 Cereal: Raisen Bran             Day of week: Saturday
Number: 2                               Person: Heather                 
Holiday: Christmas                   Class: Witches and Wizards in France                       
That's all I can think of, if you want more, let me know
                   Bands I like (includes links to each band)
Famous: Guns & Roses        Creed                     3 Doors Down                                  Linkin Park             Bon Jovi                 Alien Ant Farm                                Jethro Tull              Lifehouse               Staind                                             Hoobastank             Weezer                    O-Town
N-Sync                    Backstreet Boys   Avril Lavigne                                  Michelle Branch      Vanessa Carlton

Local:    Oryon                       Recursion                Tepid              
Several different ways to contact me

AIM: theciss40
Yahoo: monkeylova2000
MSN: C Square (or use hotmail address above)
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Back in the day before all the cool picture sites came out, I used to put pictures on here. Now, though, I will be uploading to one of those cool sites, like snapfish, picasa, or photobucket. I have accounts with each, but I just have to take the time to put pictures up. Once that happens, then you all will get the link for it, right here! How exciting!!!!