This is Ronnie head, errrr Ron
he is married now to Tamara.
He lives in Kansas and is 23.
Oh yea, and he has his own
business now called
Brimstone Creations. He makes
dresses and stuff in the
renaissance style. So, if you'd
like one, let me know and i'll
give him your contact
My Happy Slappy Friends
This would be my BEST friend,
Heather. I've known Heather
for 14 years and counting.
I'm glad I have because she'll
do anything for a friend!!
She turned 18 in August,
Curently, she's a freshman
in college. If you wanna know
more about her, go to
her site, which is.....

And oh yea, she cut her hair!
And this lovely lass is Roxy,
my brother's WIFE!!! Their
one year will be on June 4th!
I was a bridesmaid for the
wedding. hehe.
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Next up is Matt. He's 19 now,
and he is in the Coast Guard
Academy. Wooooo COAST
So yes, that is why
his picture is of him in a
Coast Guard uniform.
Mattamajigger's site is.....
In Memorium
My friend, Phil, took his own life on March, 24, 2005. He will never be forgotten and he will always be with us. We love you Phil and we hope that wherever you are, you're happy and safe. We hope you've found your way and are watching us with a keen eye. Someday, we'll all be in that diner in the sky to relive some happy times. We love you.
And this lovely duo would be Liz
and George. I've known George for
about 12 or 13 years now, and Liz
for 7. Cool huh? So weird that two
of my friends get together. They just
celebrated two years and six months
together!!! AWESOME!