So as you all may or may not know, I got engaged to Josh Sewell on February 13, 2007. Who knew McDonald's in a dorm room could be so romantic? haha. But anyway, I love him with all my heart. He is 29 years old and in the navy. Mmmm navy. We plan on getting married after I graduate in 2009. It will be so wonderful!
<----From Prom 2005. Doesn't he look so sexy dressed all in white?? I think so!
This was taken at the Sub Ball in 2007. I love my ring! |
<----Also taken at Sub Ball 2007. I love this picture of us. Don't we look so cute?
^ First picture he took with his camera phone. Not bad, huh?
AHHH HE's HAIRY!!! But that's ---->
okay because I like him hair. mmm
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