Okay, sometimes I write things and they aren't really songs, but they aren't poems

either...I guess they are just...things. So yea, here's some of them, and I'm bound to

write more later.
Something i wrote inspired by Ron:

The mysterious man that always creeps
He never sleeps besides his needs
Only cares for what he sees
Always down on his knees

Never to pray for his sake
Only to lighten his darkened soul
So far, no ways to make him whole
To free him from the mortal sins
And the enemies that live within

Now he's gone away from this
Living with sin and emptiness
What has gone wrong?
To create what is left of his dying life
How will he cope with the feeling
of leaving one behind for the other
Destroying a person's life for the sake of a lover

What he needs is only what he sees
Only what he truly believes
Will help him in his quest for glory
and aid him when he's sad and lonely
Inspired by my ex-boyfriend, Josh

Why do you hurt me so
when you said you never would
How can you treat me like I'm nothing
When you said I meant the world
Where has the time gone to lead us like this
Never to be in unconditional bliss

You always held me like you cared
I welcomed you with my loving stare
You will never look into my gazing eyes
Or know that you told oh so many lies

I now know what was never told
The truth came out and it was very cold
It burned my heart into a million embers
But you show no signs of making it simple
Everything you say makes me wonder
Who this man really is that put me so under
I'm not really sure how this one came about

The sadness creeps over me
It's like an enormous monster
Trying to make me weep for my losses
I will not give in, I will not break down
No one can harm me now
I'm beyond hurt, my pain beyond recognition
No one feels as I do, no one knows as I know
But they try, they try to pry and get inside my head
it's inpenitrable
No one will know or feel what I am each day
The sadness will never catch up, for I
I am strong and will not give in or break down