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Entry for July 19, 2006

The following poem is gonna be published, i just found out today.

Dees Heart(4/8/06)

A new heart is all she ever wanted.

She asked one and all;

Do you have a heart I could use?

I just need it to survive.

A new heart to see another sunset.

To see my brother and sister's children

and their children.

Every year she hoped and prayed for a new heart,

for her's wasn't healty.

A new heart came finally, but at a price;

for another had to die.

Dee had her wish come true,

a new lease on life.

The heart didnt change her passion for

life but made it stronger.

Sadly, the heart was just temporary,

she died knowing her dream came true.

I miss Dee very much, but I know.

She is laughing and smiling up above,

watching over all the lives she touched.

*This poem is dedicated for all those waiting or have a new lease on life.

2006-07-19 21:12:48 GMT