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Jackie Chan Taking Blackhawk With Manikins (MonkeyPeaches Exclusive)

December 31, 2001
Yesterday Jackie Chan finished his 3-hour shooting of the Blackhawk scenes in Hong Kong. Wearing Flying Tiger (Hong Kong SWAT team) diving suit and carrying, Jackie was the only actor allowed to board the chopper. His teammates were "played" by some manikins. The Blackhawk, leased from Hong Kong government, will be decommissioned next year.
Photo courtesy: The Sun (Hong Kong), Ming Pao (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Daily News, Oriental Daily, CultureCom News and StarEastNet

Hollywood's Chinese Connection (MonkeyPeaches Exclusive)

December 29, 2001
KILL BILL Director plus screenwriter Quentin Tarantino will travel to Beijing to discuss his newest action flick with China Film Corp. I suspect this one, which will be partially shot in China, is KILL BILL staring Uma Thurma, Yuen Wo-ping and Sonny Chiba. Part of it will be shot in China. There are millions reasons we should be excited by it. Tarantino wrote TRUE ROMANCE, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, and also penned and directed RESERVOIR DOGS, PULP FICTION, JACKIE BROWN. KILL BILL was wrote and will be directed Tarantino himself.

A Bruce Lee Biopic Early this year, Andrew Davis, the man was on the director's seat of UNDER SIEGE, THE FUGITIVE and the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger movie COLLATERAL DAMAGE, has secretly traveled to China. He is working on a new biopic of Bruce Lee.

THE MAGIC BRUSH Miramax has picked up this CG animation based on a Chinese fairytale. In the fiction wrote by Hong Xuntao, Ma Liang a young kid has a magic brush pen, which can transform whatever he draw into the real. He used the magic pen to fight the evil and help the weak. This project will be handled by Hong Kong's Centro Digital, which has done CG works for THE STORM RIDERS, A MAN CALLED HERO, and SHAOLIN SOCCER. Interestingly, Centro Digital has announced its own THE MAGIC BRUSH, a 40 episode series. In 1955, Shanghai Animation Film Studio made a stop motion animation THE MAGIC BRUSH based on the same story, which won the first prize (for age 8 - 12) of the 8th Venice International Children's Film Festival in 1956.

Photo courtesy: Hong Kong Daily News
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