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Welcome to my webpage. Its not much but im figuring things out as i go. If you like playing Video Games on the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch or on the go like i do, visit ZODTTD.COM! They have a few Emu's (emulators) you might like. PSX4ALL(playstation1) and GPSPHONE(game boy advanced) are the main ones right now. SNES(Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and N64(Nintendo 64) are on their way!!!. Click on the link on the bottom to go to the Website. If you need help Jailbreaking your iPhone or iTouch or just want some links to ROMS just email me ill do my best. PUPPYSKULLZ420@GMAIL.COM This is a Support website for ZOD. Please help him out in creating these FREE PROGRAMS, by buying him time off work and his life to further enhance our Emulation needs. SO CHECK HIM OUT! Its only a click away.

HERES A SCREEN SHOT OF ACE COMBAT 2 and RESIDENT EVIL 3 and a video of Omega Boost (Psx(LEFT)and a video of different gpsphone games (right)



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