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Welcome to Mon kith Sculpture website which includes information about the sculptor Monkith, art works galleries, exhibitions, and other information.

About The Sculptor Mon kith

Mon kith 



  • The Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)  Ph.D Sculpture, 1995 .

  • The Academy of Arts in Ultrecht (The Netherlands)  M.A. in Sculpture, 1993 .



 2002 Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University New York  USA
2002 Frame Atalier, East Village New York  USA
2001   Palm Beach  Florida                USA  
2001   Gallery Vivendi         Paris                   France  
2000   Agial Art Gallery  Beirut                Lebanon  
1999   Agial Art Gallery Beirut                Lebanon   
1998   Agial Art Gallery  Beiruit               Lebanon  
1997   Culture Center   Sharjah                U.A.E.  
1997   Smelik & Stokking Galleries  Den Haag      The Netherlands  
1997   Beeldengallerei Cantera Ultrecht          The Netherlands  
1997   Artoll Uber die Grenze  Bedburg-Han       Germany  
1996   IMHOTEP Gallery  Paris                       France  
1996   Modern Art Museum  Amman                  Jordan  
1996   European Culture City 96 Copenhagen       Denmark  
1996   Sapporo International Sapporo                Japan  
1995   ‘Senza Titolo’  Einhoven     The Netherlands  
1995   De Fabriek (grafisch Atelier aglicht) (Big Size Graphic)   Einhoven     The Netherlands  
1995   De Westerse Gasfabriek, Holland Festival Kunst en verzet’ (50 years after WWII)   Amsterdam  The Netherlands  
1994   De Muizerije  Den Boach  The Netherlands  
1993   ‘Nie Tylko My’ Gallery  Wroclaw                Poland
1993   Open Gallery Ultrecht        The Netherlands
1993   Jaarbeurs Ultrecht        The Netherlands  
1993   Imax Theatre Rotterdam   The Netherlands
1993   Beeldentuin Rijnhuizen Nieuwegein The Netherlands
1993   C.Q. Gallery  Ultrecht         The Netherlands  
1993   TZN Gallery Rybnik                Poland
1993   BWA Gallery  Wroclaw             Poland  
1993   International Workshop, Graphic Atelier – 19 Artists De Fabriek Eindoven     The Netherlands
1992   Achter den Dom Museum Double Culture Traveling Exhibition   Ultrecht        The Netherlands  
1992   KCN Gallery/performance Ultrecht        The Netherlands
1992   Tammuz Gallery/performance Laatste Stenen van Mesopotaime   Brussels              Belgium 
1991 Open Atalier  Ultrecht         The Netherlands  
1990   Keramix Gallery Nieuwegein  The Netherlands  
1990   Theatre De Kom  Nieuwegein  The Netherlands  
1990   Keramix Gallery  - Group Expo.  Nieuwegein  The Netherlands  
1989   City Hall   Nieuwegein  The Netherlands




  • Member of Fine Arts Society, Syria

  • Member of FNV – Holland

  • Advisor to the Arctic Foundation in Eindhoven, The Netherlands




  • Organizer of Exhibition Art and Culture Transmission   Honde & Hammer to Modern Art Museum, Amman, Jordan and Sharjah, U.A.E.

  •  Cooperation with the book De Kunst om in Nieuwegein to Wonen (Sept. 1996)

  • Advisor of Trinale, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Dutch Prize for Art and Culture, in sculpture, 1997

  • Dutch Prize for Art and Culture for Traveling Expo. entitled “Vacation.” 1992


1999-2000 Dubai Satellite Channel, LBC (Lebanon) - Futcuer  
1997           Shajah Television  
1995             Jordan Satellite Channel – Syrian Satellite Chanel  
1995          Amsterdam Local Television  
1993              Dutch Radio, VPRO radio 5 Discussion between 3 artists about the use and importance of water in art.  
1993               Poland Television  
1992 Ultrecht Local Television  
1992 France Television, BRT 1
1992 France Television, TV5
1992 Belgian Television, BRT F1


Oct. 1996 European Culture City ’96   Copenhagen Denmark
June 1995 De Westerse Gasfabriek – Holland Festival ‘Kunst en verzet (50 years after WW 1)  
Aug-Sept. 1993  Workshop Graphic Atalier  Hond & Hamer – Traveling Exhibition  
Sept. 1992  Asten , The Netherlands  
Sept. 1992   Achtes den Dom’s Double Culture  Ultretcht, the Netherlands  
June 1992    Jaarbeurs  Ultrecht, The Netherlands  
May 1992    Tammuz Gallery,    Brussel, Belgium


Publications of Monkith have appeared in art magazines in several countries



1997   Designer for the ‘Warmte Service Nederland’ for their 25th anniversary The Netherlands.
1997 Designer of Art and Culture Prize Nieuwegien (The Netherlands)  
1987-1988 Monument (12 meters)  Damascus Syria.
1985-1986 Monument (15 meters) Altabka, Syria  


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