Joining the Council
Main Page
In order to join the Monks council you must first read this website to fully understand what the guild is about.  Being a member of the guild will involve having a great deal of self control and maturity, much of which will be expected more in the higher ranks than at the beginning. 

It is recommended that you make a new character for the guild to fully enjoy the experience as it may quickly become dull if you have a 7 x GM character as a student.  If however you wish to join with a more skilled character please ensure it does not have any skills that are restricted (Read the Monk's Code page for details) and contact the Guildmaster to discuss suitability, after reading the rest of this page.
Making Your Monk
You may choose to have a male or female monk with any skin colour and hair type. (Please do not use unnatural hair colours).  Your monk MUST be a good race or proven to be good in nature, NO undead characters or Vampires. (if you wish to play a drow you must contact the GM first)

Please choose a sensible and normal sounding name with correct spellings and capitalization.

Its advised to start your monk with 50 str, 20 dex and 10 int.

Choose either Macing or Swordsmanship, the other skills are free for you to choose within the restrictions of the guild. (Read the Monk's Code page for details)

Being Guilded
If you have not done so already then contact the Guildleader to arrange a time and place for your new monk to be guilded.  You will be given a short test by the monk who will be adding you, some of this will be questions about the guild and its rules from this website, the rest will be through roleplay.
Once you have been guilded you will be handed your equipment. Please do not be tempted to use anything other than you have been given.  Much of our roleplay is to make UO a challenge again to our members so refrain from exchanging items and gold from your other characters.  If there is anything you need then just ask.

Now you are a Junior Student be sure to make an account on our forums and add the contacts of our other members to your icq list.

Most importantly Have fun and Welcome to O Mei Shan Monks Council.