The Eight-Fold Path
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The Eight fold path or Dharma is centeral to the monks belief and is taken from Buddhism.  In a sense it is our version of the eight virtues.
1. Right views.

Ask yourself why do I do what I do? Examine your motives, your goals. No action should be mindless, a spiritual person knows why he acts.
2. Right Resolve

Are you prepared for the task at hand?  What are your preperations of thought, speech, motivation.  Is the task at hand worthy of your effort?
3. Right Speech

Words are powerful: Do you use them wisely? Careless words may hurt or open you to attack. Be aware of the power of words and the thought entities they can provoke.
4. Right Action

Once you decide on a task is your procedure well thought out or is it hap-hazard?  Each step leading to completion must be precise.
5. Right Livelihood

Individual choice must come from within yourself, not following in family footsteps or what others dictate of you.  A large part of your physical self IS what you do.
6. Right Effort

Having embarked on a path, are you giving the journey the logistical and emotional support it needs? Or just making a half-hearted attempt?

7. Right Attention

Are you giving enough attention to yourself, to guage your moods and relationships to be sure they are still on the right path for you?  If you can not hear yourself, how well can you hear others?
8. Right Meditation

Have you the discipline to fully focus on the task at hand?  You need not be single-minded; life is, afterall, made up of many experiences and relationships.  But the task at hand deserves your full mindedness, or is it unimportant.  Can you tell which?