The Four Noble Truths
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There are many roads that lead to the way, but these contain but two comman features: recognition and practice.  By recognition it is meant that meditation reveals the truth that all living things share a comman nature, a nature concealed by the veils of illusion.
The Four Truths
First comes suffering.  When the followers of the Way suffer, they should recall that in countless previous incarnations they have been deterred from the path, sometimes becoming angry and trivial without cause.  The suffering in this life is a punishment but also an opporunity to excersise what I have learnt in past lives.

I accept this suffering as a challenge with an open heart, with recognising suffering you enter on to the path of The way.
Second, adapt to your conditions.  Mortals are ruled by their surroundings, not by themselves.  All we experience depends on our surroundings.  If we reap a reward or great boon, is it the fruit of a seed we planted long ago?  Eventually it will end.  Do not delight in these boons, for what is the point?  In a mind unmoved by reward or setback, the journey on the path continues.

I accept what comes knowing that both good and bad will pass, and stay focused on the important points of the Dharma.
Thirdly, seek no attachments.  Mortals delude themselves.  They seek to possess things, always searching for something.  But enlightened ones wake up and choose reason over habit.  They focus on the Way and their bodies follow them  through each season.  To seek is to suffer, to seek not is to have bliss.  In not seeking you follow The path.

I accept what comes, even enjoy it or loath it, then let it go.  This is how to non-seek.
Fourthly, practice the dharma, the reality teaching all spirits are pure.  All illusions is dropped.  Duality does not exist.  Subject and object do not exist.  The Dharma has no being because it is free from attachment to being; the Dharma has no self because it is free from the attachment to self.  Those who understand this truth wisely practice the path.  They know that the things that are real do not include greed and envy, and give themselves with their bodies minds and spirits.  They share amterial things in charity, with gladness and no vanity or thought of giver or taker of the gift.  In this way they teach others without becoming attached.

I accept that practicing the Dharma allows to help others see and enjoy the Way to The path.
The parts in bold are a small mantra that the monks use to remind themselves of the fourt truths and are taught to them through their time as students.
Text is taken from the Shaolin Gung Fu Institute.