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Within the mountainous regions of a small island to the north of Isamu Jima, known as O Mei Shan to the Monks who lived there, dwelt a Temple.  The monks of this temple practised a way of life that seperated them from the peoples of the Tokuno Lands.  Only through trading trips were the monks seen within the city of Zento after which they would swiftly return to their temple to carry on with their studies.

In the early years the Temple was home only to boys who had been orphaned and deemed by their villages to be willed to live a life of obseience by the gods.  These children were then taught by the Monks in the ways to spiritual enlightenment. 
Many hundreds of years later the Abbot instated a Council through which foriegn affairs with the other islands would be conducted.  During these years many changes took place within the temple, new ways of self defence were taught to aid the monks who would travel amongst the peoples of the lands.  Women were also being allowed to enter the monkhood as their doctrine slowly changed from the stricter one way self-disciplined ideals to a more individual by understanding that there are many roads that lead to the way.

The monks change in lifestyle also brought them into closer contact with the Tokuno peoples and they began to teach their ways in hoping to bring a better understanding of life to them.  Monks were sometimes called to mediate in conflicts between neighbours over rights to farmlands or animals that had wandered.  They began to focus on defending the good against evil and teaching the people how they can avoid being drawn into evil ways. 

As time progressed the monks training in self-defence grew incorporating many abilites to help them go about their work. Continuing in their own studies these monks spread out over the lands giving aid where it was needed and offering their council whenever it was asked of them.
When the opening of the Moongates to the lands known as Sosaria arrived it was determined by the Council that one man would go and reach out to these new lands.  Setting up a second Council and recruiting in new monks from those who would wish to live a life different from that which was currently offered to them.

The man chosen was a Grand Master who had trained many other students before and was widely versed in many forms of study and was strong on The path to the Way.
This man then set forth with all the background knowledge handed to him by those students who had taken part in the field trips of Sosaria.  His task was to attempt to bring some form of peace to the troubled lands and to minimise the threat of evil through teaching and understanding.  His first task was to find suitable students to help build a new council to work from.