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The Monks are split into five ranks, Junior Student, Senior Student, Disciple, Master and Grand Master.  Each rank has their own place within the Council, the higher up the rank the more responsibility but the lower down the rank the more mundane tasks are given.
Junior Student
Each new student starts here at the bottom rung, for those who have come from being used to lving in comfort it can be a hard time as students are the main workhorses of the monks order.  They are given basic equipment and set many tasks in which to prove themselves, these range from simple resource gathering to a written peice about their studies.  Often junior students will be paired up to complete tasks or sent out as a small group with a Master.

Equipement - Leather Armour (45PR), Hakama/Skirt, Sash, Bandana and Sandles.
Tools, Choice of Weapon (Staff or Polearm)

Senior Student
Once a Junior student has proven that they have left their old life behind they will be passed to a Master who will take responsibility of their training and further development as a monk in learning the ethics. 
These students have much more hands on experience than junior students and would be involved more in the monks work, though still continue with some tasks.

Equipment - Leather Armour (55PR), Hakama/Skirt, Hakama-Shita, Bandana and Sandles, Tools, Choice of Weapon (Staff or Polearm)
Disciples would have completed their basic training and now take the next step.  As students they learnt the monks ethics but now they must learn to live by them and show an example to others. 
Often Disciples would undertake tasks set to them by the Council and spend less time with their Master who had been teaching them as a student.

Equipment - Leather Armour (60PR), Hakama/Skirt, Hakama-Shita, Bandana and Sandles, Tools, Choice of Weapon (Staff or Polearm)
Monk (Masters)
Above the disciples are the Masters, who are accorded status as full monks of the temple.  The title of master is bestowed upon them because they have succeeded in learning the philosphy of the temple well enough to teach students. 
These monks are most seen walking the towns and giving out their avdvice to the people and offering protection where it is needed against evil. 

Equipment - Leather Armour (65PR), Kamishimo, bandana, sandles. Choice of Weapons.
Abbot (Grandmaster)
The Grandmasters are the leaders of the Council and make all the tasks and decisions.  They would of served as a Master for a long time proving their abilities as being a teacher by their students becoming masters themselves.
This monks would often travel the lands on their own or may choose to take a step down to train a student again whenever they wished.

Equipment - Leather Armour (70PR), Kimono, bandana, sandles, Choice of Weapons.