Roleplaying a Monk
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What should my monk be like?
The most obvious characteristics a monk should have is patience, kindness and a willing to understand.  Beyond this it is entirely up to you how your monk is portrayed as long as it is inkeeping with Eight fold path, the four truths and not breaking any rules.

No monk should be entirely perfect unless they are a Grandmaster but even then human nature allows for faults.  Perhaps your monk still enjoys a drink but would want to try and hide this from the others, or your monk is greedy and tries to get as much gold as he or she can.  Just think of a different weakness your monk may have and perhaps through time they can learn to combat this weakness.

Our monks are learning through their entire lives how to live by a certain set of standards, some may have reached high standards in areas where others are still lacking.
How should my monk respond to fighting?
It is very important for each monk to access a situation carefully.  If it is a battle between two large forces then do not get involved. If it's a fight where someone is being mugged and you witnessed it from the start then by all means protect the individual unless there are already guards handling the situation. 

Monks do not abide fighting and hate having to use their weapons against others because of the damage it causes so it will always be a last resort to them.

Do not be tempted to heal others in a fight that you are not involved in, if you wish you may rp healing them after.
Where can my monk go?
Your monk is free to travel anywhere within the lands of Trammel, Ilshenar, Lost Lands and Tokuno as long as it is for RP reasons.  It is recommended that students only travel far distances with their Master's.

If you are visiting an RP town then be respective of the guild there and follow any orders they might give you.  Do not interfere with any activites that are going on, or enter buildings that are clearly not for public use.
Must my monk be celibate?
It is possible for monks to have relationships but it is not recommended if this is going to dictate your time and cause your monk to wander too far from the path.  Much of the teachings your monk will learn are of avoiding attachments so any relationship beyond friendships are best avoided.
My Master is never about, what can I do?
If you find that you and your master never seem to be meeting up then let an abbot know who can try and match you up with someone else. 

Often you may find times when you are the only one online but instead of logging straight off find something to do, maybe gathering some resources, placing out some recruiting leaflets or going to one of the RP towns, or contact some others and let them know you are about in game.