Monks Code
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These are the IC and OOC rules of our guild. They are here as a guidance on how to play your monk as well as for knowing what we do or do not allow.  The majority of which are common sense and what we expect within keeping the role of a monk.
Rules of  Conduct
1) All monks must follow the Rules of Engagement according to the guild you are interacting with.

2) Junior and Senior Students may
NOT enter a fight without an accompanying Master, unless they have been attacked.

3) Monks may
NOT initiate fights. (ie not striking first or arguing to the point weapons are raised)

4) Monks must
NOT fight on a ratio of more than 3 vs 1. (ie. if one person is being attacked by 3 people already do not attack them as well)

5) Monks injured in a battle must spend the 30 minutes of deathrobe time at a healers unless logging out. (do not stand about in a robe)

6) It is a Master's responsibility to look after their student, it is a students responsibility to follow the teachings of their Master.

7) Monks do
NOT use mounts of any kind. (this includes etheral mounts)

8) Monks do
NOT break character or use items not allowed for their rank at any time. (Do not use your monk for PVP or Artifact hunting outside guildhunts)

10) Any complaints with other guilds and their members will be brought first to the guildleaders. (Don't spread complaints on forums or whine to each other about issues)
Skill Restrictions
These skills may NOT be taken up or used by any monk within the council.

Necromancy, Magery skills (Unless for transportation only and excluding Inscription) Archery, Poisoning, Stealth, Ninjitsu, Stealing and Snooping.

Preferred skills include; Macing, Parrying, Chivalry, Bushido and Wrestling.

It is also recommended but not necessary to take up an rp skill such as Cooking or Alchemy.
Weapon and Armour Restrictions
No one handed weapons, Axes or Shields.

Leather armour only within the PR restrictions according to Rank.

Preferred weapons are Polearms and Staves.  Metal weapons can be in the following coloured metal types, Iron, dull copper, copper and bronze.  Otherwise they may be in iron hue.

(Monks are trained warriors but in defence not killing and therefore prefer weapons that do not cut)