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Copyright:  G Strachan
There are  thumbnails to larger images on Pages 1 - 9
A Personal Collection
Railway Photographs

I'm  SLOWLY making  alterations to pages on this website, so at present some links may not work and some pages are only half finished or don't exist yet!


Anyway have a look at what is here and do come back again.I'll try and get more up and running soon.

This site contains a modest collection of my photographs.  I don't
promise technical quality, but hopefully you'll find  something of interest.  I was a locospotter as a youth in the early 1960's and only had a second-hand Box Brownie, little expertise and even less money to spend on film and processing.   Since then hopefully my standards have improved.

The collection is mainly of  steam images from 1963-65, with a few pages from preservation.  There are some diesel shots, again mainly from the mid-1960's.

Fortunately, a few like-minded new contacts, friends made through this website, are happy and generous enough to share their photographs with me and through these pages with you.  Generally their photographs are from similar locations over a similar timeframe, but the quality I think is better.  I appreciate their generosity and it all helps to make this, hopefully a more interesting site to visit. 

Pages will be updated from time to time and I am still constructing some pages, so do come back.
1)   64A St Margaret's(Edinburgh)

2)   Scotland

3)   England

4)   Millerhill Marshalling Yards
Edinburgh Waverley Station

5)   South Australia
New Zealand (Preservation)

6)   Preservation (UK) Under Construction

7)   Miscellaneous Under Construction

8)   Internet Responses

9)   Jim McGowan Collection Under Construction

10) David Bain Collection Under Construction
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