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Campaign for the Protection of RICE in
Sri Lanka. 
30th August 2006

National Farmers' Assembly and Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform launched a campaign for the protection of paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka and small farmers engaged in the same at a press briefing on August 30th.

Launch statement:
The yala harvest is over. Millions of farmers are waiting to sell their
paddy. Government has spent millions of rupees to subsidise fertiliser and has promised to spend millions more to buy paddy at the guaranteed price, but most farmers will still receive less than they spent. They will fall further into debt, some will even commit suicide. It happens every season. This is the paddy crisis. continue...


Anti COCA COLA Campaign
Coke Poster
23rd August 2006

The South Asian Games got underway in Colombo on 18th August. The official drink is Coca Cola. Only a week earlier, the Indian state of Kerala imposed a total ban on the production and sale of Coca Cola after studies found that their drinks were contaminated with dangerous pesticides. Six states now have partial or full bans on Coca Cola.
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An approach better than “Marketing” for water
in Sri Lanka.

19th January 2007

Government has again announced a policy towards water marketing in Sri Lanka. Now, this is done under the guise of a policy for better water management. Under pressures of the International Financial Institutions and other global water businesses, introduction of water marketing has been attempted over the last 25 years. These measures had to be withdrawn under public protest. This article tries to explain that there are much better ways of managing water adopting much less costly and much more people friendly and ecological approaches in which Sri Lanka has tremendous advantages and experiences. Such ecological approaches makes use of the tremendous contribution that people could make towards improving their water, with added benefits of better food security, nutrition, soil improvement and improvement in health adopting approaches for recovering the regenerative capacity of nature’s resources.

This is an added dimension in the water debate that needs serious attention, not only in Sri Lanka but also in most other countries where water privatization, pricing of water and converting water into a commodity could result in a serious ecological and human disaster.

Full Article

The WORLD BANK no more!
14th September 2006

More than 2,000 people marched on the offices of the World Bank in Colombo today under the banner ‘World Bank creates poverty. Eradicate it!’ Farmers, fishing communities, women’s groups, trade unions, plantation workers’ organisations and many others participated.

The World Bank was forced to recognise the scale of people’s opposition in Sri Lanka. They accepted this letter and agreed to talk to a delegation from the Alliance for the Protection of National Resources and Human Rights. The result was a promise on the part of the World Bank to bring their bosses from Washington for a public meeting in Colombo to hear people’s proposals for poverty eradication.

The rally took place on the last day of the meeting of Commonwealth Finance Ministers in Colombo as they prepared to attend the annual meetings of the World Bank in Singapore.

The Alliance for the Protection of National Resources and Human Rights will continue the struggle for the people to take over the task of planning for poverty eradication. The World Bank has lost all legitimacy after fifty years of failure in Sri Lanka.

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