Monopoly Tycoon® @ GameSpy!


You shall find below a few tips on how to play Monopoly Tycoon® at Game Spy.


There are currently 2 patches circulating in GameSpy's Monopoly Tycoon (MT).
The 1.4 and the new MT 1.2. Pro Patch

1.4 is the older one, and must be installed first.
MT 1.2 Pro Patch must be installed second.

Most MT gamming at GameSpy is with the 1.2 patch.
If you are not patched correctly, everybody's game will crash.
Thus, everybody has to restart.

How to play Monopoly Tycoon Online at Game Spy!

º  Make sure you have the game loaded on your computer.
º  Make sure you have the 1.2 patch loaded (see above instructions).
º  Ensure the CD is in your computer.
º  When the game window launches,
º  Click on configuration,
º  Look at the bottom of that screen at the Network adaptor option.
º  It should be set to: Your IP Address, or give you no options if you are using a Router.

º  Voila, you should now be ready to play.

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Ventrilo ~ Voice Chat

There is a new voice chat program being used by MT players at GameSpy.
Its Called Ventrilo.
You need to download the Ventrilo "Client 2.2" program from the link below.
Ventrilo, Voice Chat Program. Download Here

Save the program to your desktop.
Once downloaded, run it from your desktop.
Then use the following settings to join us:

Hostname or IP:

Port: 3852

Password:    nine

Click Conect, then look in the tree for the "MT" room and come on in.

How to Host Monopoly Tycoon at Game Spy!

º Ensure your router and firewalls have both MT and GameSpy approved for internet connections.
º Create a room in GameSpy, indicating the game's objectives.
º Ensure all players have the same patch.
º Launch the game.
º Once in the MT game multiplayer lobby you see that somebody needs a relaunch, use the following procedures
º  Using either "ALT + TAB" or the "Windows key" go back to the Game Spy room.
º  Minimize the Game Spy Room.
º  Switch windows, back to Monopoly Tycoon
º  Go back to Game Spy, Click Ready, the host and people needing relaunching should be green.
º  Click Launch Game.

º  If the "Launch Game" button doesn't light up, close that Game Spy room, then launch a new room.

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